Carleton University Ravens Varsity Swim Team 2003-2004 Season

Krista Boegel: Women's Captain
Steph MacLeod: Women's Assistant Captain
Trevor McLoughlin: Men's Captain
Brock Clayden: Men's Assistant Captain

Swimmer Photos and Biographies (Last updated June 17th, 2004)

Coaching Staff:
John Waring: Head Coach and Men's Head Coach
Lynn Marshall: Assistant Coach, Women's Head Coach and Manager
Tarek Raafat: Special Projects
Biography (Added January 31st, 2004)
and see: John & Lynn Photos

Training Schedule:
Monday 6:00-7:30am and 7:15-9pm
Tuesday 7:30-9:30am
Wednesday 6:00-7:30am and 6:00-7:40pm
Thursday 7:30-9:30am
Friday 6:00-7:30am and 3:00-5:00pm (2:00-4:00pm for 2004-2005)
Saturday 5:00-7:00pm
(Swimmers must attend a minimum of 5 workouts per week.)

Off-Season Schedule (March 8th-April 23rd, 2004):
Monday: 7:15-9:00pm (Coach: Lynn)
Wednesday: 6:00-7:40pm (Coach: John)
Saturday: 5:00-7:00pm (Coach: John)
plus: Friday, April 23rd: 3:00-5:00pm (Coach: Lynn)
Varsity swimmers may also attend the Carleton Masters Swim Team workouts for free. You must register for Masters through the Athletics Office (Room 201; 8:30am-4:30pm M-F). Take your Varsity card with you to show that you are a Varsity swimmer. The Masters schedule is available on the Carleton Masters web site.

2003-2004 Meet Schedule, Results, Articles and Press Releases:

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October 5th, Dual/Relay vs Ottawa U (Carleton)
Scores: Women: Carleton 119 - Ottawa 174; Men: Carleton 218 - Ottawa 145; Results; Press Release

October 17th, OUA Relay Meet (Guelph)
Scores; Results

October 18th, Dual vs Guelph, Queens (Guelph)
Scores; Results

October 18th, Dual vs Waterloo, Queens (Waterloo)
Scores: Women: Carleton 108 - Queens 160; Carleton 117 - Waterloo 155; Men: Carleton 167 - Queens 111; Carleton 138 - Waterloo 143; Results

October 19th, Dual vs York, Trent, Ryerson (York)
Scores: Women: Carleton 246 - Ryerson 89; Carleton 209 - Trent 198; Carleton 236 - York 111; Men: Carleton 280 - Ryerson 69; Carleton 274 - Trent 151; Carleton 274 - York 73; Results
Weekend Press Release

October 25th, Alumni Meet (Carleton)
Score: Alumni 280 - Varsity 274

November 8th, Dual vs Ottawa, Brock (Ottawa U)
Scores: Women: Carleton 107 - Brock 126; Carleton 85 - Ottawa 145; Men: Carleton 152 - Brock 73; Carleton 119 - Ottawa 115; Results
Paola Osorio is Carleton's female athlete of the week for qualifying for CIs in 800m freestyle. Krista Boegel also qualifies for CIs in 100m breast.
Alumni Meet and November 8th Meet Press Release

November 22-23rd, Eynon Division Championships (Guelph)
Scores; Results
Keegan Harris is Carleton's male athlete of the week for his performance (gold in 50m, 100m, 200m breast, 4x50MR, bronze in 4x50FR, 8th in 400fs; and qualified for CIs in 200m breast in a Varsity record. John Mills also qualifies for CIs in 50m back.
Press Release

Campbell Division Results (Nov 15-16th)

December 26th - January 4th, Florida Training Camp (Fort Lauderdale)

January 17-18th, Queens Invitational (Kingston)
(Unofficial) Scores: Women: Queens 113; Ottawa 105; Carleton 39; York 14 Men: Carleton 103; Queens 83; Ottawa 77; York 9 Results
Krista Boegel and John Mills qualify for CIs in a second event each (50m breast and 50m fly, respectively). Krista swims every event except 200fly (3000m) and Nathan Churchill swims every event (3900m). Top point scorers: Krista: 27; Keegan Harris: 24; John M: 21; Trevor McLoughlin: 13; Brandon Crawford: 12; Paola Osorio: 11; Brandon Vandyk: 10; Brock Clayden: 8.
Press Release

January 31st, Carleton Invitational (Carleton)
Results (Added February 2nd, 2004)
Krista is female athlete of the week for her impressive performance on January 31st! She was under the CIS cut in all 3 breaststroke events (first time this season for 200br). She did PBs in 50fs, 100fs, 200br, and 100br (SC, although she's been a little faster in 100br converted from LC). She was very close to her SC PB in 50br. She was also first in all 5 events!
Press Release (added March 17th, 2004)

February 13-15th, OUA Championships (Ottawa U)
Psych Sheets (Added February 10th, 2004)
Results (Added February 16th, 2004)
Carleton places 9th on the men's side and 12th on the women's side. John Mills is nominated for athlete of the week for his 3 individual medal performance: 2nd in 50fs and 50fl; 3rd in 50bk! John M was joined by Keegan, Trevor and Brandon Crawford for a bronze medal in the 4x50MR (and the same team was 4th in the 4x100MR). Others placing in the finals (top 8) were Krista with 6th in 200br and 7th in 100br, and Keegan tied for 6th in 100br. Brandon C, Trevor, Paola, Luz and Bob also scored points by placing in the consolation finals, as did the following relays: Women's 4x200FR (Luz, Krista, Melissa, Paola), Men's 4x200FR (Brandon V, Mark, Tanner, Brock), Women's 4x100FR (Krista, Luz, Amanda, Paola), Men's 4x50FR (Sofian, Marc-Anthony, Mark, Tanner), Men's 4x200FR (John S, Nathan, Sofian, Marc-Anthony), and Men's 4x100FR (Brandon V, Marc-Anthony, Sofian, Brock).
Press Release (added March 17th, 2004)

March 5-7th, CIS Championships (U of Toronto)
Carleton Press Release
Carleton Web Site News Release
Results; Scores (Added March 10th, 2004)
The Carleton results were the best in five years! The men scored 31 points this year (17 by John and 14 by Keegan). Last year the men scored no points. The year before was 2, and the year before that was 1, and the year before that (2000) was 0. The 31 points put our men 20th out of the 28 teams participating (just behind MAC [35], Trois Rivieres [39], Brock [40] and Laurentian [46]). The women were shut out for the fourth or fifth straight year. However, there were 6 other teams with 0 points, leaving our women as one of the 7 teams tied for 22nd. Note that there are 31 swim teams in the CIS -- three did not send any swimmers to the Championships.
Best Swims:
Female: Krista (24th in 50br)
Male: John (9th in 50bk)
Most Improved:
Female: Paola (0.26 in 200fly)
Male: John (3.78 in 100fs)
Female: Paola (1600m of racing)
Male: Keegan (2100m of racing)
Result Summary:
Krista: 24th: 50br (36.00); 31st: 200br (2:50.45); 35th: 100br (1:17.94); 38th: 200IM (2:36.16)
Paola: 26th: 200fl (2:29.73 PB); 29th: 800fs (9:41.74); 32nd: 400fs (4:41.02); 38th: 200fs (2:12.64)
John: 9th: 50bk (26.23 PB and Varsity Record / 26.54); 10th: 50fl (25.66 / 25.71); 16th: 100fs (52.04 PB / 52.48); 17th 50fs (23.98)
Keegan: 10th: 200br (2:23.18 / 2:22.24 PB and Varsity Record); 10th: 50br (30.40 tie PB / 30.18 PB); 18th: 100br (1:05.67 PB); 19th: 1500fs (17:00.29)
Press Release (added March 17th, 2004)

Team Awards

Outstanding Participant: Krista Boegel
Rookie of the Year: Paola Osorio
Most Improved: Amanda Gray
Toughest: Steph MacLeod

Outstanding Participant: John M. Mills
Rookie of the Year: Bob Farinas
Most Improved: Mark Blenkinsop
Toughest: Brock Clayden and Brandon vanDyk

Time Standards:
Carleton OUA Standards 2003-2004
CIS Standards 2003-2004