Carleton University Ravens Varsity Swim Team 2004-2005 Season
(updated June 24th, 2005)

Year Summary:
The annual awards were presented at the Athletics Banquet on March 31st. The coaching staff would like to thank all the swimmers for making this a great year! We also send a special thank you to the Captains for their leadership: Mark Blenkinsop, Brandon vanDyk, Paola Osorio and Amanda Gray.

Full details of the swimming summary, athletes of the week, plaque recipients, and Ravens Award winners can be found in the 2004-2005 Press Articles section. A summary of the swimming awards is given here:

Outstanding Participant (MVP) Awards:
Women: Heather Macdonald
Men: Keegan Harris

Coaching Award:
John Waring in recognition of 6 years as Head Coach

Louise Hayes: 5 years (1996-1999; 2000-2001; 2004-2005)
Keegan Harris: 4 years (2001-2005)
Steph Askwith: 4 years (Waterpolo: 2002-2005; Swimming: 2004-2005)

Rookie of the Year:
Women: Val Torontow
Men: Mike Penney

Most Improved:
Women: Erika Heesen
Men: Brandon vanDyk

Toughest Swimmer (Brock Clayden Award):
Women: Louise Hayes
Men: Mark Blenkinsop

Graduating Athlete Awards:
Louise Hayes (5 years on the team)
Amanda Gray (3 years on the team)

Captains for 2005-2006:
Women: Captain: Heather Macdonald; Assistant: Erika Friesen
Men: Captain: Brandon vanDyk; Assistant: Nathan Churchill

2004-2005 Captains:
Paola Osorio: Women's Captain
Amanda Gray: Women's Assistant Captain
Mark Blenkinsop: Men's Captain
Brandon vanDyk: Men's Assistant Captain

Meet Schedule and Other Important Dates (updated December 8th, 2004)

Training Schedule:
Note that the Friday afternoon workout has changed to 2:00-4:00pm for the 2004-2005 season. (The old time is given on Varsity Practice Schedule Summary of all teams that was distributed with your early registration package -- please ignore that!)
Swimmers must attend a minimum of 5 workouts per week, and should be on deck 15min before the workout start time for dryland stretching.
Monday 6:00-7:30am and 7:15-9:00pm
Tuesday 7:30-9:30am
Wednesday 6:00-7:30am and 6:00-7:40pm
Thursday 7:30-9:30am
Friday 6:00-7:30am and 2:00-4:00pm
Saturday 5:00-7:00pm
For those who are interested, a full schedule including all cancellations, etc. is available. (Updated March 12th, 2005)

Mental Training: (Added July 18th, 2004; New for 2004-2005!)
Garry Watanabe is joining the Coaching Staff for the 2004-2005 season. He will be coordinating a Mental Training program. He will give presentations to the whole team over the course of the season, and he will also work closely with a core Mental Training group. Joining the Mental Training group is optional, but you must attend at least 7 swim workouts per week to be eligible. There will be "homework" assignments that must be completed to remain in this group.

Swimmer Photos and Biographies
(updated February 22nd, 2005)

Coaching Staff:
John Waring: Head Coach and Men's Head Coach
Lynn Marshall: Assistant Coach, Women's Head Coach and Manager
Tarek Raafat: Special Projects
Garry Watanabe: Mental Training

2004-2005 Press Articles (updated April 3rd, 2005)

Event Summary 2004-2005

All Carleton Times for 2004-2005
Best Carleton Times for 2004-2005

September 30th Raven Awards Presentation (added October 4th)
Seven Varsity swimmers received Raven Awards this year. To receive a Raven Award you must have a minimum B- (7.0 GPA) average in your previous year at Carleton and have made a significant contribution to your Varsity swim team.
Congratulations to:
Women: Krista Boegel, Paola Osorio, Luz Osorio
Men: Keegan Harris, Trevor McLoughlin, Brandon vanDyk, Jay Blechta
Description and List of Winners

October 3rd Meet at Carleton vs Ottawa U (No Scoring)
Results (added October 4th)
Press Release (added December 1st)

No fewer than 10 women and 13 men made the OUA cuts, with five others very close:
OUA Qualifiers:
Krista, Louise, Melissa, Breelyn, Heather, Luz, Paola, Dani, Val, and Lauren (with Amanda, Erika F, Amy and Steph just outside the required times)
Men: Sofian, Jay, Mark, Brent, Bob, Keegan, Niall, Greg, Trevor, Mike, Tanner, John and Brandon (with Nathan very close -- under in the 400IM but DQ'd!)
That's awesome for the first meet of the year!

We also have many new names added, plus some familiar ones moving up on the All-Time Top 20 Lists:

50free: Breelyn (relay) equiv to 20th+
100free: Paola 16th; Heather (relay) equiv to 19th
200free: Heather (relay) equiv to 18th
400free: Breelyn 19th
50back: Lauren 7th
100back: Lauren 10th
50breast: Heather (relay) equiv to 6th; Steph (relay) equiv to 20th
100breast: Heather 4th
50fly: Paola 18th

200free: Greg 16th; Mike (relay) equiv to 16th
400free: Keegan 4th; Mike 11th
100back: Greg 9th
200back: Greg 8th
200fly: Brandon 17th
200IM: Mike 16th
400IM: Brent 16th

Best Swim:
Krista: 0.72 outside CIs in 50m breast; with a close 2nd to Heather: 1.77 outside CIs in 100m breast
Men: Keegan: 0.71 outside CIs in 50m breast

Most Improved:
(Only those who have swum for Carleton previously are eligible for this meet -- now that you all have times, you will be eligible in future!)
Women: Erika H 1sec improvement in 50m free; with honourable mention to Amanda who took 5sec off her 100m back (but it was done with a dive today), and Paola with a 0.5sec improvement in 50m fly
Men: Keegan 3sec improvement in 400m free; with honourable mention to Tanner who took 0.5sec off his 200m free, and Mark who took approx 0.5sec off his 100fs (taking the relay takeover into account)

Toughest Swimmer:
Clare (750m of racing) followed closely by Louise (700m)
Men: Brent, Chris, Mike and Brandon all raced 900m, with Kyle close behind at 850m

October 15-17th Trip to Guelph and York (added October 20th)

Executive Summary: Despite 2 buses breaking down and missing part of Friday's meet, the Carleton Men win 3 of 4 dual meets, with the women winning 2 of 4. At Saturday's OUA Sprint Meet, Carleton places 2nd for the men and 3rd for the women. Heather is selected as the Carleton Female Athlete of the Week for making the CIS champs in 50br (35.25) and Nathan, Erika F and Amanda qualify for Carleton's OUA team.

Press Release (added December 1st)

October 15th: Dual vs Guelph and Queens at Guelph
Women's Scores:
Queens 105 - Carleton 76
Guelph 125 - Carleton 67
Men's Scores:
Carleton 100 - Queens 69
Guelph 95 - Carleton 90
New OUA Qualifiers:
Erika F (100fs)
Nathan (400IM)
Best Swims:
Paola 200fly (3.64 outside CIS)
Keegan 100br (3.12 outside CIS); Honourable Mention: Mike 200IM (6.62 outside CIS)
Brock Clayden Award (Toughest) Swimmers:
Luz (900m) followed by Paola (800m)
Brent (1400m) followed by Greg and Mike (800m)
Most Improved:
Valerie 200IM (13sec); Honourable Mention: Clare 200fs (5sec)
Niall 200bk (6.1sec); Honourable Mention: Chris 400fs (7.5sec)

October 16th: OUA Sprint Meet at Guelph
Individual Event Results and Relay Prelim Results
Final Relay Results
Women's Scores:
Guelph 175
Queens 129.5
Carleton 80.5
Waterloo 15
Men's Scores:
Waterloo 130
Carleton 112
Guelph 90
Queens 68
New Qualifiers:
OUA: Amanda (50fs)
CIS: Heather (50br)
Best Swims:
Heather 50br (under CIS!)
Keegan 50br (0.72 outside CIS)
Brock Clayden Award (Toughest) Swimmers:
Luz & Heather (15 swims / 825m); Krista (13 swims / 675m with stomach flu!!)
Mike & Jay (14 swims / 775m); Brandon & Trevor (12 swims / 725m)
Most Improved:
Amanda 50bk (2.53sec)
Evan 50br (1.14sec)

October 17th: Dual vs York and Trent at York
Carleton Individual Event Results
Carleton Relay Results
Women's Scores:
Carleton 191 - Trent 85
Carleton 195 - York 73
Men's Scores:
Carleton 185 - Trent 87
Carleton 205 - York 54
Best Swims:
Heather 50br (0.4 outside CIS)
Keegan 100br (3.6 outside CIS)
Brock Clayden Award (Toughest) Swimmers:
Lauren & Paola (600m)
Brandon (700m); Nathan (650m)
Most Improved:
Kerry 50bk (1.3sec)
Chris 200fs (5.5sec)

Weekend Overall Awards:
OUA: Amanda, Erika F, Nathan
CIS: Heather
Best Swims:
Heather 50br (under CIS)
Keegan 50br (0.72 outside CIS)
Brock Clayden Award (Toughest) Swimmers:
Luz (2325m); Heather (2125m); Paola (2075m)
Brent (2475m); Mike (2175m); Brandon (2025m)
Most Improved:
Valerie 200IM (13sec)
Niall 200bk (6.1sec)

Top 20 Changes:
50fs: Heather (equiv to 13th) 29.13 Relay; Paola (equiv to 19th) 29.28 Relay
100fs: Heather 7th 1:03.75
50bk: Lauren 6th 34.00; Erika F 19th 36.58
100bk: Lauren 7th 1:13.57
200bk: Lauren 5th 2:37.96
50br: Heather 2nd 35.25
100br: Heather (equiv to 3rd) 1:15.33 Relay
200br: Heather 3rd 2:49.65
50fl: Heather 8th 31.54; Luz 12th 32.31; Valerie 14th 32.90; Paola 16th 32.94
200fl: Luz 2:31.17; Heather 17th 2:52.88
200IM: Valerie 14th 2:44.76; Lauren 19th 2:46.57
400IM: Heather 6th 5:25.48; Luz 8th 5:27.62
400fs: Greg 17th 4:31.51; Brent 19th 4:35.18
50bk: Greg 14th 29.96; Brandon 19th 31.08
200bk: Brent 12th 2:21.87; Mike 15th 2:23.07
200fl: Mike 14th 2:22.55; Brandon 16th 2:24.14
200IM: Mike 12th 2:16.49; Greg 20th 2:20.88
400IM: Mike 5th 4:51.97; Brent 17th 5:07.56

Niall's Weekend Summary and Photos

October 24th Meet at Ottawa U vs Waterloo and Ottawa U
Carleton Individual Results
Carleton Relay Results
Press Release (added December 1st)

Meet Scores:
Ottawa 130 - Carleton 104
Carleton 148 - Waterloo 84

Carleton 141 - Ottawa 89
Carleton 121 - Waterloo 110 (the 14 points for 800 free sure helped here!)

Best Swims:
Heather 200br (1.4sec/100m outside CIs); Honourable Mention: Krista (200br) and Paola (800fs) both 2.0sec/100m outside CIs

Keegan 200br (3.2sec/100m outside CIs); Honourable Mention: John (50fs) and Trevor (50br) both 3.7sec/100m outside CIs

Toughest Swimmers (Brock Clayden Award):
Kerry and Paola (both 1500m); Honourable Mention: Louise (1300m)

Brandon (1400m); Honourable Mention: Keegan (1200m) and Greg (1150m)

Most Improved:
Clare (50bk) & Valerie (200fs) both 3sec/100m

Evan (200fs) 4sec/100m; Honourable Mention: Chris (200fs: 1.8sec/100m), Mike (400fs: 1.4sec/100m), Mark (100fs: 1.3sec/100m)

New Times in the Top 20:
100fs: Luz 11th
400fs: Valerie 17th
200br: Heather 3rd
200IM: Lauren 17th

200fs: Mike 15th
400fs: Mike 7th
200IM: Brent 20th

October 30th Varsity vs Alumni at Carleton
This was an informal meet, with many "fun" events with candy prizes. The final score was Alumni 303, Varsity 295.

November 6th Meet at Carleton vs Brock and Ottawa U
Full Results
Press Release (updated December 1st)

Meet Scores:
Ottawa 133 - Carleton 131
Carleton 148.5 - Brock 115.5

Carleton 143 - Ottawa 114
Carleton 177 - Brock 77

OUA Qualifiers:
Steph Askwith (50br: 39.26) [that brings the women's OUA team to 12 -- double what we had last year!]

Best Swims:

Heather Macdonald (200br: 2:45.05, 0.36sec/100m above the CIS standard)
Honourable Mention: Krista Boegel (200br: 2:46.65, 1.16sec/100m above the CIS standard)

Keegan Harris (100br: 1:07.08, 1.32sec/100m above the CIS standard)
Honourable Mention: Mike Penney (400IM 4:46.49, 2.64sec/100m above the CIS standard)

Most Improved:

Kerry Moloney (100fs: 1:14.72, 5.6sec/100m improvement)
Honourable Mentions:
Steph Askwith (50br: 39.26, 3.4sec/100m improvement)
Valerie Torontow (200bk: 2:43.75, 3.3sec/100m improvement)
Erika Heesen (50br: 46.02, 2.4sec/100m improvement)
Dani Seaman (100fs: 1:06.65, 2.2sec/100m improvement)

Jay Blechta (50fs: 26.20) and Mike Penney (200fl: 2:15.57), both 3.5sec/100m improvement
Honourable Mentions:
Chris Cholewa (50br: 38.66, 2.2sec/100m improvement)
Brent Charlton (400IM: 4:59.66, 2.0sec/100m improvement)
Tanner Rasmussen (200fl: 2:22.09, 1.6sec/100m improvement)

Toughest Swimmers (Brock Clayden Award):

Louise Hayes (raced a total of 1100m)
Honourable Mention: Paola Osorio (raced a total of 800m)

Brandon vanDyk (raced a total of 1200m)
Honourable Mention: Mike Penney (raced a total of 1050m)

New Times in the Top 20 (or close!):
(While the goal is to get on the Top 20 list, many were very close, so I've listed those in the Top 30 here.)
50fs: Valerie 10th, Heather (relay) equiv to 9th
100fs: Paola 9th, Valerie 21st, Dani 28th, Erika F (relay) equiv to 25th
50bk: Erika F 19th (actually tied for 17th, but alumni are ranked ahead!)
100bk: Lauren 7th, Erika F 21st
200bk: Lauren 5th, Valerie 10th
50br: Steph 12th, Erika H 30th, Steph (relay) equiv to 17th
100br: Heather 3rd, Steph 21st, Erika H 29th
200br: Heather 3rd, Erika H 24th
50fl: Luz 12th
400IM: Luz 8th, Kristin 27th

100fs: Brent 29th, Tanner (relay) equiv to 30th
400fs: Mike 5th
50bk: Greg 9th, Mike 18th, Brent 23rd
100bk: Brent 24th
200br: Brandon 21st (actually tied for 20th, but alumni are ranked ahead!)
200fl: Mike 7th, Tanner 15th
400IM: Mike 3rd, Brent 10th

November 20-21st Eynon Division Championships at Laurentian University (Sudbury)
Full Results
Press Release (added December 3rd)

Meet Scores:
1. Guelph 804
2. McMaster 765.5
3. Laurentian 641.5
4. Queens 493.5
5. Ottawa 350.5
6. Carleton 295
(Last year Carleton was also 6th, but with 40 fewer points, so things are going in the right direction.)

1. Carleton 766.5
2. Laurentian 651
3. Ottawa 507.5
4. Guelph 506.5
5. McMaster 459
6. Queens 419.5
(Last year Carleton was 3rd, so moved up 2 positions and 250 more points this year!)

1. Guelph 1310.5
2. Laurentian 1292.5
3. McMaster 1224.5
4. Carleton 1061.5
5. Queens 913
6. Ottawa 858
(Note: Last year Carleton was 5th, so moved up 1 position with 290 more points this year.)

CIS Qualifier:
Keegan Harris (100br: 1:05.71)

Best Swims:

Heather 50br 1.62/100m outside CIs
Krista 100br 2.12/100m outside CIs
Luz 50fs 2.18/100m outside CIs
Paola 200fl 2.46/100m outside CIs

Keegan 100br under CI qualifying time by 0.05, Eynon Division record
Greg 200bk 2.28/100m outside CIs
John 50fs 2.56/100m outside CIs
Mike 200IM 2.59/100m outside CIs
Jay 50fs 2.60/100m outside CIs
Trevor 200IM 2.70/100m outside CIs

Most Improved:

Steph 50fs (relay) 8.14/100m
Kerry 800fs 6.99/100m
Clare 50fs 5.06/100m
Erika F 100fs 4.61/100m
Kristin 100fl 4.56/100m
Erika H 50fs 4.12/100m

Kyle 50fs 3.36/100m
Jay 50fs (relay) 3.10/100m
Brent 400fs 3.07/100m
Greg 200bk 2.83/100m
Tanner 100fs 2.03/100m
Trevor 400IM 1.97/100m

Toughest Swimmers (Brock Clayden Award):

Paola 1700m
Louise 1650m
Kerry 1500m

Brandon 2600m
Mike 2400
Mark 2350m
Nathan 2200m

Scoring Swims Summary:

4x50MR "A" (Heather, Krista, Melissa, Val) 6th (26pts)
4x100FR "A" (Luz, Heather, Krista, Paola) 6th (26pts)
4x50FR "A" (Luz, Erika F, Paola, Val) 8th Varsity Record (1:57.52) (22pts)
4x50FR "B" (Amanda, Dani, Steph, Melissa) 10th (14pts)
4x50MR "B" (Erika F, Steph, Louise, Dani) 12th (10pts)
4x100FR "B" (Louise, Dani, Amanda, Val) 12th (10pts)
Krista: 4th 100br; 5th 50br, 200br; 9th 400IM (52pts)
Heather: 3rd 50br; 4th 200br; 8th 100br (42pts)
Luz: 7th 100fl, 200fl, 8th 400IM, 10th 200IM (42pts)
Paola: 5th 200fl; 9th 200fs, 800fs; 13th 400fs (36pts)
Melissa: 10th 50fl, 14th 100fl (10pts)
Val: 14th 100fs (3pts)
Steph: 16th 50br (1pt)
Louise: 16th 800fs (1pt)


4x50FR "A" (Greg, Tanner, Jay, John) 3rd (32pts)
4x50FR "B" (Mark, Bob, Sofian, Niall) 7th (24pts)
4x50MR "A" (Greg, Keegan, Trevor, John) 1st (40pts)
4x50MR "B" (Jay, Bob, Tanner, Sofian) 7th (24pts)
4x100FR "A" (Brent, Trevor, John, Keegan) 3rd (32pts)
4x100FR "B" (Tanner, Mike, Sofian, Brandon) 4th (30pts)
Keegan: 1st 50br, 100br, 200br; 3rd 1500fs (76pts)
Mike: 2nd 1500fs; 3rd 200IM, 400IM; 5th 200fl (63pts)
Brent: 3rd 200fs, 400fs; 5th 400IM, 7th 200IM (58pts)
Greg: 4th 100fs, 50bk, 100bk, 6th 200bk (58pts)
Brandon: 4th 400fs, 1500fs; 6th 200IM, 400IM (56pts)
Jay: 6th 50fs, 100fs, 50bk; 7th 100bk (51pts)
Trevor: 4th 200IM, 400IM; 6th 100fl; 11th 50fl (49pts)
Bob: 4th 100br, 200br; 7th 50br (42pts)
Mark: 6th 200fs; 8th 1500fs; 10th 200fl; 14th 400fs (34pts)
John: 5th 50fs, 10th 100fs, 13th 50bk (25pts)
Nathan 7th 200fl; 12th 1500fs; 13th 400IM, 14th 100fl (24pts)
Tanner 7th 100fl; 8th 200fl (23pts)
Niall 10th 50bk; 11th 100bk, 200bk (19pts)
Chris 14th 1500fs; 16th 200br (4pts)
Sofian 15th 50fs (2pts)
Kyle 15th 50bk (1pt)

New Times in the Top 20:
4x50FR Varsity Record: Luz, Erika F, Paola, Val
50fs: Luz 4th, Val 10th, Erika F 13th; relay splits: Steph, Val, Erika F, Dani
100fs: Luz 7th, Val 15th, Erika F 18th; relay splits: Heather, Val
400fs: Val 16th
50bk: Heather 4th, Erika F 13th
50br: Steph 11th; relay split: Steph
100br: Steph 18th
200br: Steph 20th
50fl: Luz 12th; relay split: Louise
100fl: Luz 4th, Heather 13th
400IM: Luz 5th

50fs: relay splits: John, Jay
100fs: Greg 17th; relay splits: Mike, Brandon
200fs: Brent 13th
400fs: Brent 8th, Brandon 9th
1500fs: Mike 6th, Brandon 8th
50bk: Greg 6th
100bk: Greg 5th
200bk: Greg 2nd, Niall 18th
50br: relay split: Keegan
100fl: Tanner 15th
200IM: Mike 8th, Brent 13th
400IM: Trevor 6th, Brent 9th

January 15-16th Queen's Invitational (Kingston)
(added January 20th, 2005)
Full Results
Press Release

Meet Scores:
1. Queen's 170
2. Carleton 85
3. Ottawa 47
4. York 8

1. Carleton 193
2. Queen's 64
3. Ottawa 32
4. York 19

Best Swims:

Heather 200br 0.15/100m outside CIs
Krista 200br 1.3/100m outside CIs

Mike 1500fs 1.8/100m outside CIs
Keegan 1500fs 1.9/100m outside CIs

Most Improved:

Amanda 200IM 8.3/100m
Honourable Mention: Dani 400fs 2.7/100m, and Val 50bk 2.5/100m

Tanner 400fs 9.0/100m
Honourable Mention: Kyle 50bk 4.6/100m, Brandon 100br 3.8/100m, and Trevor 50bk 2.0/100m

Toughest Swimmers (Brock Clayden Award):

Paola 1750m
Honourable Mention: Louise and Heather 1250m each

Mike 2600m
Honourable Mention: Brandon 2450m and Keegan 2400m

New Times in the Top 20:
50fs: Dani 14th
200fs: Dani 20th
400fs: Dani 17th
50bk: Heather 3rd; Val 11th
100bk: Val 18th
200bk: Heather 4th; Val 11th
200br: Heather 3rd
50fl: Val 13th
100fl: Heather 8th
200IM: Heather 3rd; Val 13th
400IM: Heather 5th

200fs: Greg 13th
400fs: Keegan 2nd; Mike 3rd; Tanner 20th
1500fs: Mike 3rd; Keegan 4th
100bk: Brandon 17th
50fl: Tanner relay time (ties last year's)
200fl: Brandon 16th

January 29th Carleton Invitational (Carleton)
(added January 30th, 2005)
Full Results
Press Release

OUA Qualifier: Amy (50fs, 50fl)
Erika H, Kerry, Kristin and Kyle all improved in their events, but didn't quite reach the OUA times. Congratulations to you all for the great efforts!

Best Swims:

Heather: 50fs (2.7/100 outside CIs)
Honourable Mention: Melissa (50fl: 4.1/100)

Keegan: 200fs (2.0/100 outside CIs)
Honourable Mentions: Mike (200fs: 2.3/100), John (50fs: 3.2/100), Greg (200fs: 3.3/100), Bob (100br: 3.6/100), Jay (50fs: 3.7/100), Brandon (200fs: 3.9/100)

Most Improved:

Erika H & Amy: 3.8/100 in 200IM and 50fs, respectively
Honourable Mentions: Kerry 3.6/100 (200fs), Amanda 2.7/100 (50bk), Val 2.6/100 (200fs), Heather 2.5/100 (200fs), Kristin & Melissa 0.8/100 (50fl & 50fs)

Mark: 14.0!!/100 in 50bk
Honourable Mentions: Kyle 3.5/100 (100fl), Keegan 2.5/100 (200fs), Mike 2.3/100 (200fs), Brandon 1.8/100 (100fl), Tanner 1.4/100 (200fs), Greg 1.2/100 (400fs)

Toughest Swimmer (Brock Clayden Award):

Heather (750m)
Honourable Mention: Val (650m)

Greg & Mike (800m)
Honourable Mentions: Mark (750m), Keegan (700m)

New Times in the Top 20 (or close!):

50fs: Heather 5th, Melissa 19th, Amanda 27th
200fs: Heather 8th, Val 15th
400fs: Heather 10th, Val 14th
50bk: Amanda 24th
100bk: Heather 6th
50br: Val 19th
50fl: Amanda 24th, Amy 26th
100fl: Kristin 27th

100fs: Keegan 16th
200fs: Keegan 5th, Mike 7th, Greg 13th, Tanner 26th
400fs: Keegan 2nd, Greg 13th
100fl: Brandon 27th
200fl: Brandon 14th

February 11-13th OUA Championships (Brock University, St Catharine's)
(added February 15th, 2005)
Full Results
Final Scores
Press Release (to be added)

Carleton finished 10th for the women and 8th for the men (out of 13 teams). Carleton finished 10th in the combined men and women's scores, which will be used for determining the Divisions for 2005-2007 (see scores and full results above). This is Carleton's best showing in about five years. All Carleton's swimmers (10 women and 13 men) contributed to our score by scoring in at least one relay! Eleven swimmers scored in individual events: Heather, Bob, Brandon, Brent, Greg, Jay, Keegan, Mark, Mike, Tanner, and Trevor.

Best Swims:

Heather: 50br (1.12/100 outside CIs)

Keegan: 100br (0.52/100 outside CIs)
Honourable Mention: Mike: 400IM (0.79/100 outside CIs)

Most Improved:

Amy 3.1/100 100fl
Honourable Mentions: Amanda 2.01/100 100fs; Dani 1.57/100 100fs; Val 1.42/100 100fs; Heather 1.06/100 50fs; Louise & Melissa 0.66/100 200fl and 50fl, respectively

Mark: 2.97/100 100fs
Honourable Mentions: Mike 1.85/100 400IM; Niall 1.77/100 100bk; Bob 1.34/100 50br; Brandon 1.12/100 400IM; Keegan 1.09/100 1500fs; Brent 0.91/100 200IM

Toughest Swimmer (Brock Clayden Award):

Louise (1700m)
Honourable Mention: Paola & Heather (1200m each)

Mike (3800m)
Honourable Mentions: Mark & Keegan (2500m each); Brandon (1950m)

New Times in the Top 20 (or close!):

50fs: Val 9th; Amanda 27th; relay: Heather, Val, Luz
100fs: Val tied for 3rd; Dani 23rd; Amanda 31st; relay: Paola, Luz, Dani
50bk: Amanda 22nd
100br: Heather 3rd
50fl: Val 10th; Amy 27th; relay: Melissa, Amy
200fl: Louise 10th
4x50FR: Varsity Record: Erika F, Heather, Val, Luz
4x100FR: Varsity Record: Val, Dani, Paola, Luz

50fs: Jay tied for 20th
100fs: relay: Mike
200fs: Mike 3rd; Brandon 9th; Mark 19th
400fs: Varsity Record Mike 1st; Mark 18th
1500fs: Varsity Record Keegan 1st; Mike (also under old Varsity Record) 2nd
50bk: Jay 9th; Niall 26th
100bk: Niall 23rd
50br: Bob 8th; relay: Bob
100br: Bob 11th
200br: Bob 6th
50fl: Tanner tied for 12th; relay: Tanner
100fl: relay: Tanner
200fl: Nathan 12th
200IM: Brandon 7th; Brent 12th
400IM: Mike 2nd; Brandon 6th

February 25-27th CIS Championships (Kinsmen Sports Center, Edmonton)
(added March 1st, 2005)
Full Results
Final Scores

This was a very fast meet! Heather was 29th in 50br, 32nd in 200br, 36th in 100br and 48th in 50fl. Keegan was 20th in 200br, 21st in 100br, 23rd in 50br and 36th in 100fs. Heather did her best time in 50m fly (31.05; moving to 6th on the Top 20 list) and Keegan did a PB in 100m free (54.90; 16th on the Top 20).

March 31st Athletics Banquet (added April 3rd, 2005)
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Carleton OUA Standards 2004-2005
CIS Standards 2004-2005 (Added July 28th, 2004)

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