2003-2004 Season Summary:

2003-2004 Varsity Swim Awards:

Outstanding Participant:
Women: Krista Boegel
Men: John Mills

Rookie of the Year:
Women: Paola Osorio
Men: Bob Farinas

Most Improved Swimmer:
Women: Amanda Gray
Men: Mark Blenkinsop

Toughest Swimmer:
Women: Steph MacLeod
Men: Brock Clayden and Brandon vanDyk

Athletes of the Week:
Women: Paola Osorio and Krista Boegel
Men: Keegan Harris and John Mills

CIS Championships:

The Carleton results were the best in five years! The men scored 31 points this year (17 by John and 14 by Keegan). Last year the men scored no points. The year before was 2, and the year before that was 1, and the year before that (2000) was 0. The 31 points put our men 20th out of the 28 teams participating in this year's CIS swimming championships(just behind MAC [35], Trois Rivieres [39], Brock [40] and Laurentian [46]). The women were shut out for the fourth straight year. However, there were 6 other teams with 0 points, leaving our women as one of the 7 teams tied for 22nd. (Note that there are actually 31 Universities with swim teams who compete in the CIS Championships, but this year, 3 Universities had no representatives at the meet.)

Result Summary:
(Scoring swims in bold.)
John M: 9th: 50bk (26.23 PB and Varsity Record / 26.54); 10th: 50fl (25.66 / 25.71); 16th: 100fs (52.04 PB / 52.48); 17th 50fs (23.98)
Keegan: 10th: 200br (2:23.18 / 2:22.24 PB and Varsity Record); 10th: 50br (30.40 tie PB / 30.18 PB); 18th: 100br (1:05.67 PB); 19th: 1500fs (17:00.29)
Krista: 24th: 50br (36.00); 31st: 200br (2:50.45); 35th: 100br (1:17.94); 38th: 200IM (2:36.16)
Paola: 26th: 200fl (2:29.73 PB); 29th: 800fs (9:41.74); 32nd: 400fs (4:41.02); 38th: 200fs (2:12.64)

OUA Championships:

Until 2001-2002, there were 15 teams in the OUAs. Windsor no longer has a team, so for the last two years, there have been only 14 teams. In the last five years, the overall placings for the women have been: 12th, 9th, 14th, 11th and, this year, 12th with 65 points (just 6 points behind 10th). The men have placed: 13th, 12th, 12th, 12th and, this year, 9th with 186.5 points.

Scoring Swims:
(Top 8 in bold.)
Individual Events:
John M: 2nd 50fs; 2nd 50fl; 3rd 50bk (50 points)
Krista: 6th [tie] 200br; 7th 100br; 11th 50br (30.5 points)
Keegan: 6th 100br; 13th 50br; 15th 200br; 15th 1500fs (the only one scoring in all 4 individual events) (21 points)
Brandon C: 10th 100br; 12th 50fs; 13th 100fs (16 points)
Trevor: 11th 200IM; 14th 100fl; 15th 200fl (11 points)
Paola: 12th 400fs; 13th 200fl; 14th 200fs (12 points)
Luz: 14th 200IM; 16th 200fl (4 points)
Bob: 14th 200br (3 points)

Men's 4x50MR (John M, Keegan, Trevor, Brandon C): 3rd (32 points)
Men's 4x100MR (John M, Keegan, Trevor, Brandon C): 4th (30 points)
Women's 4x200FR (Luz, Krista, Melissa, Paola): 12th (10 points)
Men's 4x200FR (Brandon V, Mark, Tanner, Brock): 12th (10 points)
Women's 4x100FR (Krista, Luz, Amanda, Paola): 13th (8 points)
Men's 4x50FR (Sofian, Marc-Anthony, Mark, Tanner): 13th (8 points)
Men's 4x200FR (John S, Nathan, Sofian, Marc-Anthony): 15th (4 points)
Men's 4x100FR (Brandon V, Marc-Anthony, Sofian, Brock): 16th (2 points)

Eynon Division Championships:

This is the third year that the Divisional Championships have been held. Carleton has been in the Eynon Divison all three years. (The other Division is the Campbell Divison). For the third straight year the women placed 6th out of 7 teams with 255.5 points. The men were third this year (compared to 4th last year and 6th in 2001-02) with 515.5 points. Overall, Carleton was 5th with 771 points. Those who scored points (top 16 finish) are listed below.

Scoring Swims:
(Top 3 in bold.)
Individual Events:
Keegan: 50br 1st; 100br 1st; 200br 1st; 400fs 8th
Krista: 100br 1st; 200br 2nd; 50br 4th; 400IM 6th
John M: 50bk 2nd; 50fs 2nd; 100bk 5th; 50fl 12th
Trevor: 100fl 2nd; 50fl 6th; 1500fs 8th; 200fl 9th
Bob: 200br 2nd; 100br 6th; 400IM 10th; 50br 12th
Brandon C: 50br 3rd; 100fs 5th; 50fs 7th; 200fs 9th
Paola: 200fl 5th; 400fs 7th; 800fs 9th; 200fs 10th
Brandon V: 400IM 6th; 200IM 10th; 200bk 11th; 400fs 13th
Luz: 100fl 7th; 200fl 9th; 200fs 12th; 200IM 12th
Brock: 400IM 8th; 1500fs 9th; 200fl 13th
Melissa: 200fl 8th; 100fl 10th; 50fl 14th
Nathan: 200fl 11th; 100fl 13th; 200IM 15th
Tanner: 100fl 11th; 50fl 16th
Jay: 50bk 12th; 100bk 12th; 200bk 13th; 200IM 16th
Mark: 1500fs 12th; 200fl 16th
John S: 100fs 12th
Jim: 100fs 14th; 100bk 15th; 50bk 16th
Maegen: 800fs 14th
Steph: 200br 15th; 200fl 16th
Erika: 50br 15th
Rachelle: 100bk 16th

John M, Keegan, Trevor and Brandon C 1st and meet record in 4x50MR
Brandon C, Trevor, Keegan and John M 3rd in 4x50FR
Luz, Krista, Melissa and Paola 7th in 4x50MR
Luz, Melissa, Krista and Paola 7th in 4x100FR
Brandon V, Brock, Bob and Jim 8th in 4x100FR
John S, Jim, Brandon V and Tanner 9th in 4x50FR
Jay, Bob, Tanner and John S 9th in 4x50MR
Sofian, Nathan, Jay and Mark 10th in 4x100FR
Maegen, Steph, Melissa and Rachelle 11th in 4x50FR
Rachelle, Chia, Steph and Maegen 11th in 4x100FR
Chia, Erika, Shawna and Amanda 13th in 4x50FR
Shawna, Erika, Amanda and Chia 13th in 4x50MR

Top 20 Times Done in 2003-2004:
(Top 3 in bold.)

50fs: John M 2, John S 12; relay: Brandon C, John S
100fs: John M 2, Brandon C 6, John S 16; relay: Brandon C
200fs: Brandon C 6, Brandon V 12, Keegan 14; relay: Keegan, Mark, Tanner, Brock
400fs: Keegan 5, Trevor 6, Brandon C 11, Mark 16
1500fs: Keegan 3, Brandon V 7, Mark 10, Nathan 19
50bk: John M 1, Jay 11, Brandon C 14, Brandon V 19, Jim 20
100bk: John M 1, Jay 11, Brandon V 18
200bk: John M 4, BvD 8, Jay 9, Jim 17
50br: Keegan 2, BraC 5, Bob 9; relay: Keegan, Bob, Brock
100br: Keegan 2, BraC 7, Bob 13; relay: Keegan
200br: Keegan 1, Bob 6
50fl: John M 1, Trevor 5, Brandon C 14, Tanner 16; relay: Trevor, Tanner, Mark
100fl: Trevor 5, Tanner 15, Nathan 16; relay Nathan
200fl: Trevor 7, Nathan 11, Mark 16
200IM: Trevor 5, Brandon V 11, Jay 14, Bob 15, Nathan 16
400IM: Brandon V 6, Trevor 8, Nathan 14, Bob 15
4x50FR: Brandon C, Trevor, Keegan, John M 1
4x50MR: John M, Keegan, Trevor, Brandon C 1
4x100MR: John M, Keegan, Trevor, Brandon C 1

50fs: Krista 7, Luz 11, Paola 16; Rachelle relay
100fs: Krista 8, Luz 10, Rachelle 11, Paola 18; relay: Luz, Paola
200fs: Paola 1, Luz 2, Krista 6, Rachelle 18
400fs: Paola 1
800fs: Paola 2, Krista 8
50bk: Luz 9, Krista 12, Rachelle 20
100bk: Luz 10, Krista 12, Rachelle 19
200bk: Luz 7, Krista 8, Paola 11, Maegen 12, Rachelle 15
50br: relay: Krista
100br: Paola 17
200br: Krista 2, Paola 10, Steph 19
50fl: Melissa 7, Luz 14, Krista 16, Paola 20; relay: Melissa, Paola
100fl: Paola 4, Luz 6
200fl: Paola 2, Luz 4, Melissa 5
200IM: Luz 2, Krista 3, Paola 7, Maegen 20
400IM: Krista 4, Paola 6, Steph 19
4x200FR: Luz, Krista, Melissa, Paola 1