Carleton University Ravens Varsity Swim Team 2005-2006

(updated August 23rd, 2006)

2005-2006 Season Summary:
The highlight of the Mar 30th banquet was seeing Keegan receive the Jack Vogan (male graduating athlete) award. Great job Keegan! The last swimmer to win one of the four major awards (male/female graduating athlete of the year, and male/female athlete of the year) was Erica Kotler in 1995.

It was great to see so many swimmers who have competed for 4+ consecutive years. There were 9 swimmers who received 4 and 5 bar plaques this year – the most ever! It’s also bitter-sweet to see 10 swimmers graduate this year – congratulations, but we’ll miss you all!

Season Recap:
We had a large team this year and we were close to a full roster at many competitions. The women placed 4th at the Eynon Division Championships – an improvement from last year (6th). The men were 3rd. While they didn’t match their 04-05 win, this was a much more competitive division and they had nearly as many points. Overall the men and women combined were 3rd compared to 4th last year. At the OUA Championships the women placed 10th, the same as last year, but with more points. The men were 6th (just one point out of the top 5) – the best finish in 20 years! Heather Macdonald and Mike Penney were Carleton’s two representatives at the CIS Championships.

Swimmer Awards for 05-06:

Jack Vogan Memorial Award (Male Graduating Athlete of the Year) Plaque:
Keegan Harris

Swimming MVP Plaques:
Heather Macdonald
Men: Mike Penney

Five Bar Plaque (five years of swimming):
Keegan Harris

Four Bar Plaques (four years of swimming):
Jay Blechta
Mark Blenkinsop
Krista Boegel
Melissa Juergensen
Trevor McLoughlin
Tanner Rasmussen
John Scroggie
Brandon vanDyk

Rookie of the Year Certificate:
Sarah Muir-Dolson
Men: Francis Pelland

Most Improved Swimmer Certificate:
Kristin Smith
Men: Greg McKay

Toughest Swimmer Certificate:
Hilary Wassenich
Men: Keegan Harris

Team Spirit Award Pom-Poms:
Kristin Smith
Men: Kyle McDermid

Graduating Athlete Awards:
1 Year on Team (Ravens T-shirt):
Colleen Boicey
Jessica Kamps
2+ Years on Team (Personalized Mug):
Mark Blenkinsop
Krista Boegel
Keegan Harris
Melissa Juergensen
Mike Penney
Tanner Rasmussen
John Scroggie
Brandon vanDyk

OUA All-Star Certificate:
Mike Penney

04-05 Academic All-Canadians Competing in 05-06 (presented with lapel pins at a dinner on Mar 23rd):
Jay Blechta
Mark Blenkinsop
Krista Boegel
Nathan Churchill
Paola Osorio
Val Torontow
(Note that Louise Hayes and Sofian Ayyad were also Academic All-Canadians in 04-05 but were not competing in 05-06.)

05-06 Raven Financial Award Winners (Fall 2005):
Heather Macdonald
Luz Osorio
Val Torontow
Brandon vanDyk
Trevor McLoughlin
Jay Blechta
Bookstore Award:
Ben Smalley

A big thank you to the 05-06 Captains and Assistants:
Heather Macdonald and Erika Friesen
Men: Brandon vanDyk and Nathan Churchill

And welcome to the 06-07 Captains and Assistants:
Amy Pouliot and Kristin Smith
Men: Greg McKay and Trevor McLoughlin

2005-2006 Weights Workouts: (updated Jan 23rd, 2005)
The last weights program is available on the weight training web page.

Swimmer Biographies:
Please send me new or updated info for your biography. This is what I need:
  • a photo
  • previous swim team
  • specialty
  • best events and times (SCM)
  • program
  • swimming accomplishments
  • other interests
  • favourite quote
2005-2006 Information:

2005-2006 Captains:
Heather Macdonald: Women's Captain
Erika Friesen: Women's Assistant Captain
Brandon vanDyk: Men's Captain
Nathan Churchill: Men's Assistant Captain

Meet Schedule and Other Important Dates (updated December 18th, 2005)

Training Schedule: (Finalized June 24th, 2005)
Swimmers must attend a minimum of 5 workouts per week, and should be on deck 15min before the workout start time for dryland stretching.
Monday 6:00-7:30am and 7:15-9:00pm
Tuesday 7:30-9:30am (Note: The women's change room is closed for maintenance from 9-11am on the first Tuesday of every month. Women need to bring their clothes, etc., on deck on those dates.)
Wednesday 6:00-7:30am and 6:00-7:40pm
Thursday 7:30-9:30am
Friday 6:00-7:30am and 2:00-4:00pm
Saturday 5:00-7:00pm
For those who are interested, a full schedule including all details and cancellations, etc. is available. (Updated April 7th, 2006)

Swimmer Photos and Biographies
(updated April, 2006 -- please send in your data!)

Coaching Staff:
Lynn Marshall: Head Coach and Manager, e-mail:, phone: 613-730-4093
Tarek Raafat: Assistant Coach and Special Projects, e-mail:
Claudia Cronin-Schlote: Assistant Coach and ROCS Coach, e-mail (Biography to be added)
Alex Babaris: Assistant Coach and Strength Coach, e-mail (Biography to be added)
Garry Watanabe: Mental Training, e-mail: (Biography to be added)
Mark Blenkinsop: Strength Training, e-mail: (Biography to be added)

2005-2006 Press Articles (updated August 23rd, 2006)

Event Summary 2005-2006 (updated January 30th, 2006)

October 3rd Dual/Relays vs Ottawa U
Full Results

OUA Championship Qualifiers:
A whopping 23 swimmers qualified for the OUA Championships: 9 women, including 2 rookies [R]) and 14 men (including 6 rookies):
Women: Krista Boegel, Melissa Juergensen, Heather Macdonald, Sarah Muir-Dolson (R), Luz Osorio, Paola Osorio, Dani Seaman, Valerie Torontow, Hilary Wassenich (R)
Men: Majed Piedra AbuSharar (R), Nick Bake (R), Jay Blechta, Mark Blenkinsop, Nathan Churchill, Ian Ewing (R), Jared Hagens (R), Keegan Harris, Trevor McLoughlin, Rob Meyer (R), Francis Pelland (R), Mike Penney, Tanner Rasmussen, Brandon vanDyk

In addition, there were 9 women and 1 man who were very close:
Women: Tessa Burkholder (R), Chantel DeBoer (R), Kelly Doyle (R), Erika Friesen, Jennifer Magann (R), Cherie Martin (R), Jessie Moorman (R), Jennifer Patrick (R), Amy Pouliot
Men: Ben Smalley (R)

Meet Awards:
Swimmers of the Meet:
Women: Kelly Doyle (R), who improved nearly 6 seconds in 100m freestyle!
Men: Brandon vanDyk, who improved in 3 of his 4 events (and was very close in the 4th)
Honourable Mention: The women's flowered swim caps!

Most Improved Swimmers:
Women: Jessica Kamps (R) (2 seconds in 50m freestyle)
Men: Nathan Churchill (2 seconds in 100m breaststroke) and Mike Penney (0.5 seconds in 100m freestyle)

Toughest Swimmer:
Women: Colleen Boicey (R) (750m racing)
Men: Keegan Harris (800m racing)

October 14-16th Guelph / York
Men win 3 of 4 dual meets, and women win 2 of 4.  No score was kept at the OUA Invitational (Saturday), but Carleton had 15 finalists (top 8) in individual events and 7 relay teams in the top 3.  Two more men qualified for the OUA Champs: Greg McKay and Ben Smalley.

Swimmers of the Weekend:
Female: Heather (0.03 outside CIs in 50br, now in Top 20 in all individual events)
Male: Keegan (7 for 7 dual meet wins, 2 for 3 sprint meet wins)
Most Improved Swimmers:
Female: Gillian (4.5sec in 50fs); Emma (6sec in 100fs)
Male: Nick (PBs in every 200 except br, which he didn't swim!)
Toughest Swimmers:
Female: Paola (2625m), Heather (2525m), Tessa & Hilary (2225m), Krista (2175m)
Male: Keegan (3375m), Rob (3275m), Mike (3025m)

October 14th Dual vs Guelph / Queens at Guelph
Full Results
CAR 141 - QUE 39
GUE 102 - CAR 83
QUE 123 - CAR 61
GUE 130 - CAR 52
Event Winners: Heather Macdonald 200 fly; Keegan Harris: 200 free, 800 free, 200 breast
Swimmer Making OUA Standard: Greg
Swimmers of the Meet:
Female: Kristin (PBs in 200bk, 200IM and close in 200fl)
Male: Nick (PBs in 200fs, 200bk and 200fl)
Most Improved Swimmers:
Female: Gillian (4.5sec in 50fs); Emma (6sec in 100fs)
Male: Majed (2sec 100fl)
Toughest Swimmers:
Female: Colleen (1350m), Heather (1300m), Hilary (1200m)
Male: Keegan (1600m - max possible), Mike & Rob (1500m), Nathan (1400m)

October 15th OUA Sprint Invitational at Guelph
Full Results

Heather Macdonald: 3 events; Krista Boegel: 1 event
Mike Penney: 3 events; Keegan Harris, Brandon vanDyk, Trevor McLoughlin: 2 events; Francis Pelland, Greg McKay: 1 event
Event Winner: Keegan Harris: 50 free, 50 breast
Relay Win: 4 x 100 Medley Relay: Greg McKay, Keegan Harris, Trevor McLoughlin, Jay Blechta
Swimmer Making OUA Standard: Ben (50fs)
Swimmers of the Meet:
Female: Heather (0.03 outside CIs in 50br, makes it to the final in all 3 individual events)
Male: Keegan (wins 50fs and 50br)
Honourable Mention: Mike (makes it to the final in all 3 individual events)
Most Improved Swimmers:
Female: Emma (1.5sec 50bk), Jessie (1.0sec 50bk)
Male: Brandon (3.0sec 50br), Mike (2.4sec 100IM, 1.4sec 50fl)
Toughest Swimmers:
Female: Heather (725m), Krista & Paola (675m)
Male: Mike (875m - max possible), Trevor & Brandon (725m)

October 16th Dual vs York / Trent at York
Full Results

CAR 225 - TRE 46
CAR 230 - YOR 43
CAR 207 - TRE 72
CAR 212 - YOR 81
Event Winners: Paola Osorio 100 fly, 800 free; Luz Osorio 50 fly, 200IM; Dani Seaman 50 free, 100 free; Val Torontow 200 free; Heather Macdonald 100 breast; Keegan Harris  50 breast, 200 free, 800 free; Mike Penney 200IM, 100 breast; Jay Blechta 50 back (tie), 100 back; Greg McKay 50 back (tie), 200 back; Trevor McLoughlin  50 fly; Tanner Rasmussen 100 fly; Francis Pelland 100 breast; Mark Blenkinsop 100 free; and all 4 Carleton "A" relays

Swimmers of the Meet:
Female: Dani (50fs, 100fs), Luz (50fl, 200IM) and Paola (100fl, 800fs) each win 2 events
Male: Majed & Francis for awesome first half in 100fl and 100br, respectively
Most Improved Swimmers:
Female: Colleen (3.5sec 100fs)
Male: Majed (1.5sec 100fl) & Francis (1.5sec 100br), Nick (2.0sec 200IM)
Toughest Swimmers:
Female: Tessa (1350m - max possible), Paola (1250m), Jessica (950m)
Male: Rob (1350m - max possible), Mark (1250m), Keegan (1200m), Ben (1100m)

October 28th Dual vs Ottawa at Ottawa
Full Results

Final Scores:
Women:  OTT 132 - 51 CAR
Men:  CAR 114 - 67 OTT
Swimmers of the Meet:
Women:  Heather Macdonald: Wins 800m freestyle swimming a personal best time of 9:50.37, which moves her up to 5th on the Carleton All-Time Top 20 list.
Men:  Keegan Harris:  Sets Varsity Record (16:25.50) in 1500m free and personal best time by 7.5 seconds, finishing just 3.31 seconds outside the CIS qualifying time (16:22.31), which is just 0.055 per length!  Also won 400m free and a close 2nd in 100m free, both also in personal best times.  Keegan's dual meet record for the season now stands at nine firsts and one second.
New OUA Qualifiers:
Women: Tessa Burkholder, Jessie Moorman (11 women have now qualified for the OUA Championships)
Note: All the men who swam at this meet (15) have already qualified for the OUA Championships.
Event Winners:
Women: Heather McDonald (800 free)
Men: Keegan Harris (1500 free, 400 free); Mike Penney (200 breast, 400 IM); Jay Blechta (50 free); Men's 4x100 free relay "A" team (Greg McKay, Mark Blenkinsop, Trevor McLoughlin, Francis Pelland)
Most Improved:
Women: Cherie Martin: Improves her 50fs by 1.7 sec (3.4sec/100m), missing the OUA standard by 0.01 seconds.  Honourable Mention: Colleen Boicey (2.6sec/100m in 800fs) and Chantel DeBoer (2.2sec/100m in 100br)
Men: Majed Piedra AbuSharar: Improves his 100br on the relay by 2.2sec/100m
Toughest Swimmer:
Women: Hilary Wassenich: 1400m; Honourable Mention: Heather Macdonald: 1200m; Colleen Boicey: 1050m
Men: Rob Meyer: 2100m; Honourable Mention: Mark Blenkinsop and Keegan Harris: 2000m

October 29th Alumni vs Varsity at Carleton
Scores per Event

Final Scores:
Alumni 202 - 184 Varsity
Swimmers of the Meet:
While no official times were taken, there were some unofficial times of note.
Women:  Chantel DeBoer: Wins 50m breast in 41.6, just outside the OUA standard.
Men:  Coach Alex Babaris: Wins 50m fly in 26.3, just missing the CIS standard.

November 5-6th Brock / Waterloo
Men win 3 of 3 dual meets, and women win 1 of 3 (and nearly tie a 2nd one).

Overall Weekend Meet Awards:
Best Swimmer:
Women: Heather Macdonald: Wins 5 of her 7 races, plus a PB 50m breast relay split, and receives Carleton's female athelete of the week!
Men: Keegan Harris: Wins 6 of his 7 races, with PBs in 800m free, and 50m breast relay split
Most Improved Swimmer:
Women: Kelly Gerrow: Improves significantly on both days
Men: Brandon vanDyk: Also improves on both days
Toughest Swimmer:
Women: Colleen Boicey: 2050m; Runner Up: Kristin Smith: 1800m
Men: Rob Meyer: 2500m; Runner Up: Keegan Harris: 2400m

November 5th Dual vs Brock / Queens at Brock
Full Results

Final Scores:
BRO 117.5 - 115.5 CAR
QUE 138 - 98 CAR
CAR 180.5 - 43.5 BRO
CAR 169 - 51 QUE
Event Winners:
Heather Macdonald: 200m IM
Keegan Harris: 400m freestyle, 800m freestyle (best time), 200m breaststroke
Tanner Rasmussen: 100m butterfly (best time), 200m butterfly
Greg McKay: 100m backstroke, 200m backstroke
Brandon vanDyk: 200m IM
Trevor McLoughlin: 100m breaststroke
4x200m freestyle relay: Trevor McLoughlin, Greg McKay, Brandon vanDyk, Keegan Harris
4x50m medley relay: Greg McKay, Keegan Harris, Trevor McLoughlin, Brandon vanDyk
OUA Standard:
Chantel DeBoer just misses the OUA standard in 50m breast in the medley relay by 0.1.
Saturday Meet Awards:
Best Swimmer:
Women: Heather Macdonald: Is the only Carleton woman to win an event (200IM) and also does a best 50br relay split!
Men: Tanner Rasmussen: Wins 100 and 200fly.  His 100fly is a PB, as is his 200fs lead-off on the 4x200FR and his 50fl relay split!
Most Improved Swimmer:
Women: Kelly Gerrow: Improves by 4 sec in 100fs; Runner Up: Jessie Moorman: Improves by 7 sec in 200IM
Men: Rob Meyer: Improves by 5 sec in 200fl; Runner Up: Brandon vanDyk: Improves by 2 sec in 100bk
Toughest Swimmer:
Women: Colleen Boicey and Kristin Smith with 1300m
Men: Rob Meyer and Keegan Harris with 1650m; Runner Up: Mark Blenkinsop with 1550m

November 6th Dual vs Waterloo at Waterloo (SCY)
Full Results

Final Scores:
CAR 153.5 - 125.5 WAT
CAR 145.5 - 134.5 WAT
Event Winners:
Heather Macdonald: 50m breaststroke, 100m breaststroke, 200m backstroke, 200m IM
Val Torontow: 50m butterfly, 400m freestyle
Paola Osorio: 100m butterfly, 200m freestyle
Luz Osorio: 200m butterfly
Erika Friesen: 50m backstroke
Sarah Muir-Dolson: 100m backstroke
Keegan Harris: 50m breaststroke, 200m freestyle, 400m freestyle
Greg McKay: 50m backstroke, 100m backstroke, 200m backstroke
Francis Pelland: 400m IM
Tanner Rasmussen: 100m butterfly
4x50m freestyle relay: Trevor McLoughlin, Brandon vanDyk, Mark Blenkinsop, Ian Ewing
OUA Standard:
Erika Friesen makes the OUA standard in 50m free in the free relay by 0.06!
Sunday Meet Awards:
Best Swimmer:
Women: Paola Osorio and Valerie Torontow: Two wins each in very close races!
Men: Greg McKay: Wins all 3 backstroke races in season best times!
Most Improved Swimmer:
Women: Sarah Muir-Dolson: Improves 1 sec in 50bk; Runners Up: Kelly Gerrow: Improves 0.8 in 50bk; Kristin Smith: Improves 0.2 in 200fly
Men: Brandon vanDyk: Improves 0.3 in 50bk; Runners Up: Ben Smalley: Improves 0.23 in his 50fs relay split; Ian Ewing: Improves 0.02 in his 50fs relay split
Toughest Swimmer:
Women: Colleen Boicey and Hilary Wassenich: 750m; Runners Up: Dani Seaman and Kristin Smith: 700m
Men: Rob Meyer: 850m; Runners Up: Nathan Churchill, Keegan Harris and Greg McKay: 750m; Francis Pelland: 700m

November 19-20th Eynon Division Championships in London
Full Results

Final Scores:
Western: 2117.5
Guelph: 1713
Carleton: 1110
Queens: 873
Brock: 443.5
Trent: 214
Western: 1004.5
Guelph: 899
Queens: 622
Carleton: 381
Brock: 296.5
Trent: 102
Western: 1113
Guelph: 814
Carleton: 729
Queens: 251
Brock: 147
Trent: 112
Note: Last year Carleton finished 4th with 1061.5 points.  The women were 6th with 295, and the men were 1st with 766.5.  Thus, we placed higher overall and on the women's side than last year (and previous years), and although the men were unable to pull of a win this year (like they did last), they had almost as many points. 
Highlights / Swimmers of the Meet:
Heather Macdonald made the CIS standard in the 50m breaststroke and Keegan Harris was named Carleton male athlete of the week for his first (1500fs) and 3 second place (100fs, 200fs, 400fs) finishes in his four individual events.
Top 3 Finishes:
1st: Keegan 1500fs
2nd: Keegan 100fs, 200fs, 400fs
3rd: Heather 50br; Greg 400fs; Rob 1500fs; Francis 200br; Men's 4x50MR: Greg, Keegan, Tanner, Jay; Men's 4x100FR: Brandon, Greg, Mike, Keegan
Other Individual Finishes in the Top 8:
4th: Heather 200br; Val 50fl; Mike 200fs, 400IM; Tanner 200fl
5th: Paola 800fs; Heather 100br, 200IM; Krista 200br; Jay 50fs; Brandon 200fs; Greg 1500fs; Mike 200IM; Francis 400IM
6th: Paola 200fl; Jay 100fs; Greg 50bk; Francis 100br; Tanner 100fl; Majed 200fl
7th: Val 100fs; Paola 200fs, 400fs; Krista 50br, 100br; Mark 200fs; Mike 400fs; Jay 50bk; Trevor 50fl; Francis 200IM
8th: Luz 200fl; Krista 400IM; Mark 100fs; Greg 100bk; Trevor 100fl, 200IM; Rob 200fl
Most Improved Swimmers:
Women: Hilary (6.3 sec/100m 100fl); Runner Up: Emma (6.1 sec/100m 50fl)
Honourable Mention: Kelly G, Gillian, Sarah, Val, Kristin, Chantel, Kelly D, Jessie, Erika H (all improved by at least 2 sec / 100m in one or more events)
Men: Ian (7.2 sec/100m 100bk); Runner Up: Ben (7.0 sec/100m 50br)
Honourable Mention: Francis, Rob, Mark, Majed (all improved by at least 2 sec / 100m in one or more events)
Toughest Swimmers:
Women: Paola (1750m); Runner Up: Hilary (1600m); Honourable Mention: Kristin (1250m)
Men: Rob (2650m); Runners Up: Keegan (2350m), Nick (2300m); Honourable Mention: Mark (2250m), Greg (2200m), Ben (1750m)
New Times in the Top 20:
50fs: 7th: Val; relay split: Paola
100fs: 3rd: Val; relay split: Val
400fs: 18th: Hilary
800fs: 12th: Hilary
50bk: 5th: Val; 12th: Sarah
100bk: 16th: Sarah
200bk: 17th: Sarah
50br: 2nd: Heather; 18th: Chantel
100br: 3rd: Heather
200br: 19th: Jessie
50fl: 6th: Val
200fl: 18th: Hilary
200IM: 2nd: Heather
50fs: relay split: Mike
100fs: 4th: Keegan; 18th: Jay; relay split: Greg
200fs: 3rd: Keegan; 17th: Mark
400fs: 2nd: Keegan; 8th: Greg; 18th: Rob; 20th: Mark
1500fs: 11th: Rob; 12th: Greg; 16th: Nick
50bk: 11th: Brandon
50br: relay splits: Keegan and Francis
100br: 16th: Francis
200br: 7th: Francis
50fl: relay split: Tanner
100fl: 10th: Tanner
200fl: 11th: Tanner; 17th: Majed
200IM: 14th: Francis
400IM: 7th: Francis
Thanks to Jessica Kamps for timing.  Thanks also to Glen Lowry, our athletic therapist, and to assistant coach and photographer, Tarek Raafat.

January 21st Dual vs Guelph and Ottawa at Carleton


Guelph 178 ? 56 Carleton
Ottawa 142 ? 91 Carleton
Guelph 126 ? 105 Carleton
Carleton 137 ? 86 Ottawa

Full Results

Meet Highlight:
The Carleton Men's 4x200 free relay consisting of Keegan Harris, Greg McKay, Mike Penney and Brandon vanDyk wins the last event of the evening and breaks the longest standing Varsity Record of 8:03.89 from 1987 with an impressive sub-eight minute time of 7:59.28.

Swimmers of the Meet:

Krista Boegel placed in the top 3 in all of her individual events and was within 2 seconds of the CIS qualifying time in 200 breast. Her 200 breast time of 2:44.64 is the best time done by a Carleton swimmer this season.
Greg McKay swam 3 best times in 4 events, including improving on his 2nd place time on Carleton's Top 20 in 200 back (2:12.40). He also swam best times by over 1 second in both the 100 free in the 4x100 medley relay and the 200 free in the 4x200 free relay. Those three events were the only three in which Carleton season best times were set.

Those placing in the top 3 in individual events:

Krista Boegel: 2nd 200 breast; 2nd 50 breast; 3rd 200IM
Heather Macdonald: 2nd 50 back; 3rd 200 back
Keegan Harris: 1st 100 free; 1st 400 free
Mike Penney: 1st 1500 free
Trevor McLoughlin: 1st 50 breast; 3rd 50 fly
Jay Blechta: 3rd 50 free
Greg McKay: 3rd 200 back
Tanner Rasmussen: 3rd 200 fly
Brandon vanDyk: 3rd 200IM

New OUA Qualifiers:

Emma Gould (50 free)
Jean-Francois Jacques (50 free, 100 free)

Most Improved Swimmers:

With many huge improvements, it was hard to choose, so we?ll call it a four way tie between the four who improved by 5 seconds per 100m in at least one event: Colleen Boicey (800 free: 40 seconds), Gillian Carr (100 free: 11 seconds), Emma Gould (50 fly: 4 seconds), Jessica Kamps (800 free: 50 seconds)!
Ian Ewing improved his 50 back by nearly 2 seconds.

Toughest Swimmers:

Six women raced over 1km. In top position were Jessica Kamps and Colleen Boicey (1350 each). Runners up: Kristin Smith (1250m), Hilary Wassenich (1200m), Paola Osorio (1150m) and Heather Macdonald (1050m).
Four men raced 1km or more. Mike Penney was the leader with 1950m. Runners Up: Mark Blenkinsop (1850m), Rob Meyer (1100m), and Nathan Churchill (1000m).

2005-2006 Carleton Season Best Times:

200 breast: Krista Boegel (2:44.64)
200 back: Greg McKay (2:12.40)
4x200 free relay: Keegan Harris, Greg McKay, Mike Penney, Brandon vanDyk (7:59.28)
4x100 medley relay: Brandon vanDyk, Keegan Harris, Tanner Rasmussen, Greg McKay (4:06.65)

New Times in Carleton?s Top 20 or Close:

50 free: Sarah Muir-Dolson (29)
800 free: Colleen Boicey (29); Kristin Smith (30); Jessica Kamps (31)
50 breast: Jessie Moorman (24); Jenny Patrick (28); Amy Pouliot (31)
100 breast: Jessie Moorman (19: relay split)
200 breast: Jessie Moorman (19); Jenny Patrick (27); Erika Heesen (28)
100 fly: Amy Pouliot (26: relay split)
200 fly: Kristin Smith (26)
200IM: Jessie Moorman (30)
400IM: Hilary Wassenich (19)
100 free: Greg McKay (9: relay split)
200 free: Greg McKay (9: relay split)
200 back: Greg McKay (2)
100 fly: Tanner Rasmussen (8: relay split)

January 28th Carleton Invitiational (Carleton, Ottawa, Queens)

Full Results

While scores are not kept for this meet, which is a pre-OUA tune-up, Carleton swimmers swam well with many finishes in the Top 3. There were many season and personal bests, including all those who had not yet made the OUA standard improving in at least one event.

New OUA Qualifiers:

Rachelle Aldrich made the standard in all four of her events: 50 free, 100 free, 200 free and 50 back.
John Scroggie made the standard in 50 and 100 free.

Swims of the Meet:

Krista Boegel improved Carleton?s 2005-2006 season best 200 breast time, finishing in 2:44.17, just over 1 second outside the CIS qualifying time.
Both Mike Penney and Keegan Harris each did a best time and Carleton season best. Mike was 3.85 seconds outside the CIS qualifying time in 200IM with a time of 2:13.97, and Keegan was 0.75 seconds outside the CIS qualifying time in 50 free finishing in 24.68.

Carleton Season Best Times:

Krista Boegel: 200 breast: 2:44.17
Keegan Harris: 50 free: 24.68
Mike Penney: 200IM: 2:13.97

Top 3 Finishes:

Heather Macdonald: 1st 50 fly; 2nd 100 breast; 3rd 50 breast
Krista Boegel: 2nd 200 breast; 3rd 100 breast
Melissa Juergensen: 3rd 50 fly
Keegan Harris: 1st 50 free; 1st 50 breast; 2nd 100 free; 2nd 200IM; 3rd 200 free
Brandon vanDyk: 1st 400IM; 2nd 50 back; 2nd 200 fly; 3rd 100 back
Mike Penney: 1st 200IM; 2nd 200fs
Trevor McLoughlin: 1st 100 fly; 3rd 50 fly; 3rd 200IM
Greg McKay: 1st 100 free
Nick Bake: 2nd 400 free; 3rd 200 back
Jay Blechta: 2nd 50 fly; 3rd 50 back
Tanner Rasmussen: 2nd 100 fly; 3rd 200 fly
Nathan Churchill: 2nd 400IM
Francis Pelland: 3rd 200 breast
John Scroggie: 3rd 50 free

Most Improved Swimmers:
Nine women and nine men improved in at least one event.
Colleen Boicey improved in all four of her events with the biggest improvement being by 7 sec per 100m in 200 free.
Runners Up: Jessica Kamps improved in all three of her events with the largest gap being 4.5 sec per 100m in 200 free. Amy Pouliot improved her 200 free by 2.7 sec / 100m. Jessie Moorman improved in all 3 of her events, with 2.6 sec per 100m in 50 fly being the best. Kristin set 4 best times in 3 events (her 100 fly split in her 200 fly was also a best time), with 2.4 sec per 100m in 50 back topping the list. Erika Heesen improved her 200 breast by 1.5 sec per 100m. Rachelle Aldrich improved her 50 back by 1.2 sec per 100m. Rounding out the list were Emma Gould and Hilary Wassenich who improved in 50 fly and 50 free, respectively by 0.05 and 0.04.
Tanner Rasmussen improved his 50 back by 2.6 sec per 100m.
Runners Up: Jay Blechta improved in 2 events, with the best being 1.8 sec per 100m in 50 fly. J-F Jacques improved by 1.4 sec per 100m in 50 fly. Nick Bake improved in 2 events, including 1.3 sec per 100m in 400 free. Brandon vanDyk improved by 1.2 sec per 100m in 200 fly. Keegan Harris improved by 0.9 sec per 100m in 50 free. Mike Penney improved by 0.6 sec per 100m in 200IM. Kyle McDermid improved by 0.5 per 100m in 100 fly, and Greg McKay improved by 0.4 sec per 100m in both 50 and 100m free.

Toughest Swimmers:

Colleen Boicey also wins this award with 750m.
Runners Up: Amy Pouliot, Erika Heesen and Rachelle Aldrich all raced 400m.
Nathan Churchill raced the most meters of any Carleton swimmer with 900m.
Runners Up: Nick Bake raced 800m, while Brandon vanDyk raced 750m.

New Times in the Top 20 or Close:
200 free: Melissa Juergensen (31 tie)
50 back: Rachelle Aldrich (23)
50 breast: Jessie Moorman (23)
100 breast: Jessie Moorman (22)
200 breast: Erika Heesen (28)
100 fly: Kristin Smith (29)
200 fly: Kristin Smith (25)
50 free: Keegan Harris (11), Greg McKay (28)
100 free: Greg McKay (17)
400 free: Nick Bake (22)
50 back: Tanner Rasmussen (28)
100 back: Francis Pellend (31)
50 breast: Jay Blechta (21)
50 fly: Jay Blechta (12)
100 fly: Greg McKay (25)
200 fly: Brandon vanDyk (12), Nick Bake (21), Francis Pelland (26)
200IM: Mike Penney (7), Keegan Harris (14)

February 10-12th OUA Championships at Laurentian University (Sudbury)

Full Results

Meet Summary:
The Carleton women finish 10th (out of 13 teams). This is the same position as last year but with a few more points (84 vs 80). With lots of rookies improving significantly over the season, this bodes well for next year, although we will greatly miss Krista and Melissa who are graduating after four years on the team.

The Carleton men finish 6th. This is the best placing since 1987 when the men were 4th. The men were just one point out of 5th (305 vs 306 for Waterloo). Last year the men were 8th (243 points) so this is quite an improvement. Six men are graduating this year (Brandon, John, Keegan, Mark, Mike, and Tanner), so there will be lots of opportunity next year for the remaining veterans and new recruits!

Heather and Mike will be Carleton's representatives at the CIS Champs in Quebec City Feb 24-26th.

Swims of the Meet:

Heather made the finals in all three breaststroke events, plus the consolation finals of the 200IM, where she did a best time and Carleton season best (2:31.08).
Runners Up:
The 4x50 "A" free relay of Heather, Luz, Paola and Val set a Varsity record of 1:55.39, beating last year's record time of 1:55.84!
Val made the consolation finals in both 50bk and 50fl, both in best times. The 50fl is also a Carleton season best (30.62).
Mike qualified for the CIS Championships in 400IM. He won 2 individual bronze medals (400IM and 1500fs) and two 6th places (200fs and 200IM), all in best times. His 1500 free was a Varsity record, and the 200IM and 400IM were Carleton season bests.
Runners Up:
The 4x200 "A" free relay of Keegan, Greg, Brandon and Mike won bronze and destroyed the Varsity record they set just 4 weeks ago by swimming 7:47.78 (compared to 7:59.28).
Keegan did a best time and set a Varsity record in 400 free (4:06.57) where he finished 7th in the final. He was also 8th in 100fs, and 10th in 200 and 1500.

Other Highlights -- it really was a team effort!:

Amy breaks 3:00 in 200IM.
Chantel goes sub-39 for 50br on the relay.
Dani swims near best times on 3 free relays, two of which score.
Emma breaks 1:10 in 100fs.
Erika F does a best time in 50bk.
Gillian swims well despite a sore ankle.
Hilary improves in 100fl, 200fl and her 200fs on the relay.
Jessie splits 1:27 for 100br on the 4x100 medley relay.
Kelly anchors the ?B? 4x200 and 4x100 free relays in great times.
Luz swims a good 50fs on the 4x50 free relay, and three of the four relays she?s on score points.
Melissa has her fastest ever 50fl split on the relay, and a Carleton season best 100fl.
Paola does great relay splits on all 3 free relays, including best times on the 4x50 and 4x100 free relays, plus a Carleton season best in 400fs.
Sarah and Rachelle break 30 in 50fs!
The 4x100 ?A? medley relay (Sarah, Heather, Melissa, Val) does a Carleton season best.
Brandon makes the final of 200IM, wins consols of 400IM, and also swims in the consols of 200fl, where he does a Carleton season best.
Francis makes consols in 400IM finishing second to Brandon, and 200br.
Greg makes consols in all four of his events, and wins the 200fs consols.
Ian goes sub-59 (and nearly sub-58!) in 100fs.
Jay makes consols in 50fs and does a PB.
J-F does a great split on the 4x50 "A" free relay and a PB by a second in 50 fly.
John finishes in the top 8 in the heats of 50fs.
Majed swims on 4 relays and splits near best times on all of them.
Mark swims best times on the free of the 4x100 "A" relay and the 4x200 "B" relay.
Nathan makes consols in 400IM and 200br.
Nick makes consols in 400IM.
Tanner does a best time in the consols of 100fl (nearly breaking 1:00) which is a Carleton season best.
Trevor makes consols in all four of his events, with a top placing of 3rd in 200IM, and a Carleton season best in 50fl.
The 4x50 "A" free relay (Jay, Tanner, J-F, John) does a Carleton season best time.
The 4x100 "A" free relay (Keegan, Greg, Brandon, Mike) also sets a Carleton season best time.

Point Scoring Individual Swims
Women: (46 points)
Heather (41 points): 7th 50br (12), 7th 100br (12), 8th 200br (11), 11th 200IM (6)
Val (5 points): 13th 50fl (4), 16th 50bk (1)
Men: (175 points)
Mike (58 points): 3rd 1500fs (16), 3rd 400IM (16), 6th 200fs (13), 6th 200IM (13)
Keegan (37 points): 7th 400fs (12), 8th 100fs (11), 10th 200fs (7), 10th 1500fs (7)
Brandon (23 points): 8th 200IM (11), 9th 400IM (9), 14th 200fl (3)
Greg (22 points): 9th 200fs (9), 11th 100fs (6), 11th 400fs (6), 16th 50bk (1)
Francis (14 points): 10th 200br (7), 10th 400IM (7)
Trevor (11 points): 11th 200IM (6), 15th 50br (2), 15th 50fl (2), 16th 100fl (1)
Tanner (4 points): 13th 100fl (4)
Jay (4 points): 13th 50fs (4)
Nathan (1 point): 16th 200br (1)
Nick (1 point): 16th 400IM (1)

Point Scoring Relay Swims
Women: (38 points)
4x50FR "A" 8th (22): Heather, Luz, Paola, Val
4x100MR "A" 13th (8): Sarah, Heather, Melissa, Val
4x100FR "A" 15th (4): Erika, Luz, Dani, Paola
4x50MR "A" 16th (2): Sarah, Chantel, Melissa, Luz
4x50FR "B" 16th (2): Erika, Dani, Rachelle, Sarah
Men: (130 points)
4x200FR "A" 3rd (32): Keegan, Greg, Brandon, Mike
4x100FR "A" 4th (30): Keegan, Greg, Brandon, Mike
4x100FR "B" 9th (18): Jay, Mark, Majed, John
4x200FR "B" 9th (18): Tanner, Francis, Mark, Trevor
4x50FR "A" 10th (14): Jay, Tanner, J-F, John
4x100MR "A" 12th (10): Jay, Francis, Trevor, Mark
4x100MR "B" 14th (6): Nick, Nathan, Majed, John
4x50MR 16th (2): Tanner, Nathan, Majed, John

Most Improved Swimmers:
There were lots of improvements by nearly everyone and these were the largest margins.
Emma improved her 50fl by 1.70 sec (3.40 / 100m)
Amy improved her 200IM by 5.51 sec (2.75 / 100m)
Francis improved his 200fl by 9.10 sec (4.55 / 100m)
Ian improved his 50bk by 1.51 sec (3.02 / 100m)

Toughest Swimmers:

Hilary with 1500m, and Paola with 1150m.
Mike with 3400m, Keegan with 3200m and Nick with 3050m.

New Times in the Top 20 or Close:
50fs: Sarah (25), Rachelle (26); Val & Paola (relay splits)
100fs: Paola (relay split)
200fs: Hilary (24)
50bk: Val (5), Erika F (13)
50br: Chantel (18), Chantel (relay split)
100br: Jessie (relay split)
50fl: Val (4), Amy (24), Melissa (relay split)
100fl: Hilary (22)
200fl: Hilary (18)
200IM: Heather (2)
4x50FR: Varsity Record: Heather, Luz, Paola, Val
50fs: John (13), Jay (20)
100fs: Greg (14); Mike, Brandon, John & Mark (relay splits)
200fs: Mike (4), Greg (5), Tanner (16); Mike, Brandon, Trevor & Mark (relay splits)
400fs: Keegan (1), Greg (4)
1500fs: Mike (1)
50bk: Tanner (17)
200br: Nathan (20)
50fl: Jay (9), Mike (10), Tanner (11)
100fl: Tanner (8), Mike (19)
200fl: Brandon (9), Francis (16)
200IM: Mike (3), Brandon (8)
400IM: Mike (2), Brandon (4), Nathan (16)
4x200FR: Varsity Record: Keegan, Greg, Brandon, Mike

February 24-26th CIS Championships at Laval University (Quebec City)

Full Results

Meet Summary:

Friday: Heather was 29th in 100br (1:18.72). Mike was 20th in 200fs (1:57.20) and 21st in 400IM (4:43.33). These times were slower than at OUAs.

Saturday: A better day with Heather doing a season best in 50fl (31.29, 40th), and Mike a best time in 400 free (4:06.68), missing the Varsity record (Keegan's) by just 0.11. Despite a good first half, Heather's 200 breast (2:50.02, 29th) was a bit off her time from the OUAs. Mike nearly had a second swim in 400 free, finishing in 19th place, just 0.4 outside 16th.

Sunday: Both swimmers moved up in their placings. Heather was 23rd in 50br (35.42) and Mike was a very close 17th in 200IM (2:11.70). As Heather's best placing last year was 29th (50br), things are going in the right direction! (Carleton didn't have any second swims last year.)

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