2004-2005 Press Articles:
(updated April 3rd, 2005)

September 18th Citizen (Note that the best CIS placings are inaccurate: Carleton men were 7th in 1988 or 1989 and the women have placed better than 22nd in the past!)

October 7th Charlatan Web Page

2004-2005 Varsity Schedule (Nathan, again!)

October 18th Citizen

October 25th Citizen

October 28th Charlatan

November 4th Raven Rant

Melissa's Full Profile on Heather

November 11th Charlatan: Text and Brent's Photo from Paper ; Text from Website ; Brent's Photo from Website

November 25th Charlatan

December 2nd Charlatan: Part 1 ; Part 2

January 6th Charlatan

Winter Varsity Guide

February 3rd Charlatan: Part 1 ; Part 2 ; Text from Website (with some editorial corrections!)

February 17th Charlatan: John's Move ; OUA Summary

March 3rd Charlatan: CIS Summary

March 4th Raven Rant

March 10th Charlatan: Academic Advisors

March 17th Charlatan: Hotels and Web Page

New Brunswick Telegraph-Journal Article on Tarek

March 31st Charlatan: Semester Review

March 31st Banquet: Athletics Press Release (Heather and Keegan are mentioned)
Banquet Booklet 2004-2005 Swimming Summary
2004-2005 Athletes of the Week (Heather is included)
2004-2005 Plaque Awards (Louise earns her 5 bar plaque, and Keegan and Steph A their 4 bar plaques)
2004-2005 Raven Fund Recipients (Keegan, Trevor, Brandon, Luz, Krista and Paola win swimming awards; Jay wins a book store award)