Carleton Varsity Swim Team Weights Program 2005-2006
(updated January 23rd, 2006)

Weights Cycle #7: Thru January 24-25th

Here is the new weight program.

Medicine Ball Toss
Chest Passes
Overhead Throws
Swiss Ball Medicine Ball Sit-Ups

3 Sets
12-15 Reps
Rest Interval 1:15

Decrease the sets by one each day.
Increase the Rest Interval by 15 seconds each day.

You should be finished by early next week (around Tuesday or Wednesday at the LATEST)

Weights Cycle #6: December 19th through the holidays

Note: You should do this program twice per week.

Sets 3
Reps 8-10
Rest Interval 3 minutes

Lat pulldown
Sumo deadlifts
Garhammer raises (use the swissball if possible)

Core exercises last
Keep your back tight

Weights Cycle #5: November 26th until part way through exams

Note: You should do this program twice per week.

Sets 2
Reps 10-12
Rest Interval 60 seconds

Incline D-Bell Bench Press
Bent-Over D-Bell Rows
Split-Leg Squats
Front/Back Plank - 2X40-60 seconds (10 sec in each position)

Core exercises last
Weaker limb first
Keep your back tight

Weights Cycle #4 (Power Phase): October 25th - Nov 6th (two weeks)

This is the last weights cycle before the Divisional Championships, i.e. there will be no weights done Nov 7-20th.
Note: You should do this program twice each week (total: 4 times).

Chest Passes
Overhead Throws
Power Step-Ups
Power Lunges
Swiss Ball Medicine Throws
Shoulder Stability Exercises

Sets: 6 (Descend by one every time you lift, i.e. 6, 5, 4, 3)
Reps: 12-14
Rest Interval: 45 Seconds (Increase by 15 seconds every time you lift, i.e. 45sec, 1min, 1:15, 1:30)
Time Under Tension: Explosive

Remember, if you feel that things are hurting in a BAD way, check out what you are doing and ask either Mark or Alex for suggestions on what to do.

Weights Cycle #3 (Second Strength Phase): October 11th - 24th (two weeks)

This program was be presented 6am Tue Oct 11th in the weight room. Here it is: Strength Phase #2.

Weights Cycle #2 (First Strength Phase): September 19th - October 10th

Here's the weights program for Sept 19th through Oct 9th:

Reps: 8-10 (first timers); 6-8 (more than two years experience)
Sets: 3
Rest Interval: 3 min
TUT: 3-0-X-0

Option 1: 2x/wk: Mon/Thu OR Mon/Fri OR Tue/Fri
Option 2: 4x/wk: Mon/Tue/Thu/Fri

Mon/Thu: Tue/Fri: Points to Remember:
Weights Cycle #1: August 29th-September 18th

first week: three times (preferably Mon/Wed/Fri with the team)
second week: twice (preferably Sun with the team, and then once later in the week with a partner)
third week: twice (with a partner)

Sets: 2
Reps: 12-14 (1st 2 weeks) 10-12 (3rd week)
Rest Interval: 45-60 seconds
Time Under Tension: 2-0-2-0 (i.e. 2 seconds down - 0 second pause - 2 seconds up - 0 second pause at the top)

1. Single Arm Dumbbell Bench Press
2. Single Arm Seat Rows/Dumbbell Rows
3. Step-Ups/Single Leg Squats
4. Front Plank: 1 min
5. Side Plank: 30sec each side
6. Back Plank (on the bench): 1min
Notes: Exercises 1-3 can be done in any order. Exercises 4-6 can be done in any order. However, all of exercises 1-3 should be done before any of 4-6.

Points to remember:
When things get easy, increase the weight.
Lift with a spotter.
If you have any questions please feel free to ask Alex, Mark or Lynn.