Carleton University Ravens Varsity Swim Team 2006-2007

(Updated August 27th, 2007)

Carleton Varsity Swim Team Appeal Successful:
We heard on April 30th that Carleton will continue to participate in University (OUA and CIS) competitions! Here's an extract from the response to our appeal:

"After consultation we have determined that the swimming program can partner with the Ravens of Carleton Swimming Program (ROC). The Department of Recreation and Athletics will work with ROC to establish clear guidelines for swimmers who achieve established time standards to compete in varsity competitions. This system will ensure the availability of participation of all swimmers in an existing swimming club while at the same time allowing those athletes who excel to participate in inter-university competition. Jennifer Brenning, the Associate Director of Recreation and Athletics will work with ROC on the details of this model."

Many thanks to all who helped with the appeal!

Carleton Varsity Swim Team Appealing April 3rd Preliminary Athletics Restructuring Report:
As per the Carleton press release of April 3rd, Carleton Univerity Athletics is recommending that the swim team lose its Varsity status. The swim team is going to appeal this decision as has been widely reported in the media, see CBC, Ottawa Sun, Swim Ontario, etc.

Swimming Financial Awards:
Six returning swimmers received Athletics bursaries for the 2006-2007 school year. This is the first year that these bursaries have been awarded. Those with financial need who are considered Ontario residents and who have a GPA of 7 or higher were eligible. Congratulations to: Chantel DeBoer, Kelly Doyle, Luz Osorio, Ben Smalley, Majed Piedra Abu Sharar, and Nathan Churchill!
The annual Ravens awards (for top level athletes with a GPA of 7 or higher) were awarded in December. This year there were more awards and each worth more money! Congratulations to Heather, Greg, Val, Paola, Luz, Trevor, Jay and Nathan on their Ravens awards!!

2005-2006 Academic All-Canadians:
Eleven swimmers were recognized as Academic All-Canadians for 2005-2006. To make this exclusive list, athletes must maintain an A- (10.0) GPA. Congratulations to Colleen Boicey (graduated), Gillian Carr, Jessica Kamps (graduated), Melissa Juergensen (graduated), Paola Osorio, Mark Blenkinsop (graduated), Jay Blechta, Nathan Churchill, J-F Jacques (joining the swim team again after the water polo season ends), Trevor McLoughlin, and Ben Smalley.

2006-2007 Information:

Varsity Swimming Awards 2006-2007:

Women: Heather Macdonald
Men: Trevor McLoughlin

5 Bar Plaque Recipients: (5 years of swimming for Carleton)
Men: Jay Blechta, Trevor McLoughlin

4 Bar Plaque Recipients: (4 years of swimming for Carleton)
Women: Erika Heesen, Luz Osorio, Paola Osorio
Men: Nathan Churchill

Rookie of the Year:
Women: Karli McKinnon
Men: Paul Kravtsov

Most Improved Swimmer:
Women: Kristin Smith
Men: Ben Smalley

Toughest Swimmer:
Women: Hilary Wassenich
Men: Chris Bryson

Graduating Swimmer Awards: (mugs)
Women: Kelly Doyle, Erika Heesen, Kristin Smith (Chantel DeBoer also received a mug as she will be studying overseas next year)
Men: Jay Blechta, Trevor McLoughlin

Raven’s Awards Winners: (minimum GPA of 7 plus athletic excellence)
Women: Heather Macdonald, Val Torontow, Paola Osorio, Luz Osorio
Men: Greg McKay, Trevor McLoughlin, Jay Blechta, Nathan Churchill

Athletics Bursaries Recipients: (minimum GPA of 7 plus financial need)
Women: Chantel DeBoer, Kelly Doyle, Luz Osorio
Men: Nathan Churchill, Majed Piedra Abu Sharar, Ben Smalley

2005-2006 Academic All-Canadians: (minimum GPA of 10, recognized at a March ’07 Dinner)
Women: Colleen Boicey, Gillian Carr, Jessica Kamps, Melissa Juergensen, Paola Osorio
Men: Mark Blenkinsop, Jay Blechta, Nathan Churchill, Jean-Francois Jacques, Trevor McLoughlin, Ben Smalley

Women: Amy Pouliot and Assistant Kristin Smith
Men: Greg McKay and Assistant Trevor McLoughlin

2006-2007 Training Schedule:
Swimmers must attend a minimum of 5 workouts per week, and should be on deck 15min before the workout start time for dryland stretching.
Monday 6:00-7:30am (Coach: Lynn) and 7:15-9:00pm (Coach: Tarek)
Tuesday 7:30-9:30am (Coach: John) [Note: The women's change room is closed for maintenance from 9-11am on the first Tuesday of every month. Women need to bring their clothes, etc., on deck on those dates.]
Wednesday 6:00-7:30am (Coach: Lynn) and 6:00-7:40pm (Coach: Claudia)
Thursday 7:30-9:30am (Coach: Claudia)
Friday 6:00-7:30am (Coach: Lynn) and 2:00-4:00pm (Coach: Lynn)
Saturday 5:00-7:00pm (Coach: Lynn)
Here is the full schedule including cancellations, etc. (added August 26th).

2006-2007 Meet Schedule:
Here's the list of competitions and other important dates for 2006-2007: 2006-2007 Meet Schedule (updated August 31st).

2006-2007 Captains:
Amy Pouliot: Women's Captain
Kristin Smith: Women's Assistant Captain
Greg McKay: Men's Captain
Trevor McLoughlin: Men's Assistant Captain

Team List and Biographies

Press Articles (Updated April 30th, 2007)

Best Carleton Swims:
Varsity Records (updated February 13th, 2007)
2006-2007 All Times (updated February 13th, 2007)
Women's Top 20 (updated February 13th, 2007)
Women's Top "n" (updated February 13th, 2007)
Men's Top 20 (updated February 13th, 2007)
Men's Top "n" (updated February 13th, 2007)
Top 20 for Previous Years (updated February 13th, 2007)

Meet Summaries:

February 9-11th, 2007 OUA Championships at Guelph
Full Results

Here’s a summary of how Carleton did (out of 13 teams):

Point Scores:
Men: 9th with 152 points (Laurentian 8th with 193; Trent 10th with 135)
Women: 10th with 77 (tied with Waterloo; Brock 9th with 133; Trent 12th with 24)

Best Swimmers: (based on points scored in individual events)
All the men scored points in the relays and 12 of the 16 women scored in the relays!
Heather Macdonald: 15 points; missed CIS standard in 50m breaststroke by 0.06 in Sunday heats
Luz Osorio and Val Torontow: 7 points
Karli McKinnon: 2 points
Also these four women set a Carleton Varsity Record in 4x50m medley relay in 2:08.29
Trevor McLoughlin: 30 points
Greg McKay: 20 points
Paul Kravtsov: 16 points
Jay Blechta: 13 points
Francis Pelland: 11 points

Summary of Points by Day:
Trevor McLoughlin: 6th 100m breaststroke (1:08.04)
Greg McKay: 10th 200m freestyle (1:57.75)
Francis Pelland: 11th 400m IM (4:54.46)
Paul Kravtsov: 12th 100m breaststroke (1:09.13)
Luz Osorio: 14th 100m butterfly (1:08.99)
7th 4x100m medley relay “A” (Greg McKay, Paul Kravtsov, Trevor McLoughlin, Jay Blechta)
13th 4x100m medley relay “B” (Majed Piedra AbuSharar, Francis Pelland, Nathan Churchill, J-F Jacques)
7th 4x50m freestyle relay “A” (Karli McKinnon, Val Torontow, Luz Osorio, Heather Macdonald)
15th 4x50m freestyle relay “B” (Erika Friesen, Kelly Doyle, Emma Gould, Chantel DeBoer)
16th 4x100m medley relay “A” (Kelly Doyle, Rachael Gardner, Katie McClean, Erika Friesen)

Paul Kravtsov: 8th 200m breaststroke (2:332.90)
Greg McKay: 11th 100m backstroke (1:01.53)
Trevor McLoughlin: 11th 200m IM (2:15.11)
Jay Blechta: 11th 50m freestyle (24.74)
Jay Blechta: 12th 50m butterfly (26.81)
Francis Pelland: 13th 200m breaststroke (2:35.72)
Trevor McLoughlin: 15th 50m butterfly (27.33)
Francis Pelland: 16th 200m IM (2:19.37)
Val Torontow: 10th 50m butterfly (30.45)
Karli McKinnon: 15th 50m butterfly (31.36)
Heather Macdonald: 15th 200m breaststroke (2:50.27)
11th 4x200m free relay “A” (Ben Smalley, Majed Piedra AbuSharar, Chris Bryson, J-F Jacques)
16th 4x200m free relay “A” (Rachael Gardner, Katie McClean, Hilary Wassenich, Paola Osorio)

Trevor McLoughlin: 9th 50m breaststroke (31.48)
Greg McKay: 13th 200m backstroke (2:12.53)
Greg McKay: 14th 100m freestyle (54.95)
Jay Blechta: 15th 100m freestyle (55.11)
Heather Macdonald: 6th 50m breaststroke (35.22)
Luz Osorio: 13th 200m butterfly (2:33.07)
11th 4x50m medley relay “A” (Greg McKay, Paul Kravtsov, Trevor McLoughlin, Jay Blechta)
14th 4x100m free relay “A” (Ben Smalley, J-F Jacques, Francis Pelland, Majed Piedra AbuSharar)
11th 4x50m medley relay “A” (Val Torontow, Heather Macdonald, Luz Osorio, Karli McKinnon): Varsity Record
16th 4x100m free relay “A” (Paola Osorio, Emma Gould, Kelly Doyle, Erika Friesen)

Most Improved Swimmers:
Note that 25 (of 26 swimmers) did at least one season’s best, with 23 swimmers doing at least one best (Carleton) time.
Kristin Smith: 4 sec/100m in 100m backstroke
Erika Heesen: 3.5 sec/100m in 200m freestyle
Amy Pouliot: 3 sec/100m in 50m breaststroke and 100m freestyle
Emma Gould: 3 sec/100m in 50m butterfly
Ben Smalley: 4.5 sec/100m in 1500m freestyle (1min 9sec improvement); Ben improved in all his freestyle events (50m, 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m and 1500m)!
Majed Piedra AbuSharar: 4 sec/100m in 100m backstroke
Paul Kravtsov: 1.7 sec/100m in 200m breaststroke
Jay Blechta: 1.3 sec/100m in 50m butterfly

Toughest Swimmers: (based on total distance raced)
Hilary Wassenich: 1800m
Paola Osorio: 1200m
Katie McClean: 1050m
Chris Bryson and Ben Smalley: 2450m each
Francis Pelland: 2000m

New Times in the Top 20:
50m free: 5th Karli McKinnon
100m free: 3rd Karli McKinnon; 10th Paola Osorio; 16th Erika Friesen
200m free: 4th Karli McKinnon
50m breast: 2nd Heather Macdonald; 12th Rachael Gardner; 18th Chantel DeBoer; plus Heather and Rachael’s relay splits
100m breast: 11th Rachael Gardner
200m breast: 5th Rachael Gardner
50m fly: 4th Val Torontow; 9th Karli McKinnon; 13th Luz Osorio; plus Luz’s relay split
100m fly: 4th Luz Osorio
4x50m medley relay: Varsity Record: Val Torontow, Heather Macdonald, Luz Osorio, Karli McKinnon
50m free: 14th Jay Blechta
100m free: Jay Blechta relay split
1500m free: 16th Ben Smalley
100m back: 4th Greg McKay
200m breast: 13th Paul Kravtsov
50m fly: 5th Jay Blechta

January 27th, 2007 Carleton Inviational at Carleton (CAR, QUE, and 1 WAT swimmer)
Full Results

Everyone who tapered for the meet did at least one best time (Erika Heesen: 4; Erica Parker and Kristin Smith: 2; Amy Pouliot and Kyle McDermid: 1). Those in the middle of their taper for OUAs generally had good swims. Note that results during taper are often unpredictable, so don’t be concerned if your times weren’t what you were hoping for.

New OUA Qualifiers: Erika Heesen (200m breaststroke); Jean-Francois Jacques (50m freestyle). Congratulations!!

Top Placings:
Heather Macdonald won all 3 of her events (400m IM, 50m butterfly, 50m breaststroke). Katie McClean had a 1st, 2nd and 3rd (in 200m butterfly, 400m IM, and 200m IM, respectively, with the 200m butterfly and 400m IM being best times!). Luz Osorio had a 1st and a 2nd (200m IM, 100m butterfly), and Karli McKinnon had two 2nd places and a 3rd (50m butterfly, 200m freestyle, and 100m backstroke).
Nathan Churchill had two 1st places and a 2nd (400m IM, 200m backstroke and 200m butterfly). Ben Smalley had a 1st and 2nd (400m freestyle and 200m freestyle), and Trevor McLoughlin had two 2nd places and a 3rd (50m breaststroke, 100m breaststroke, and 50m butterfly).

Most Improved
There were 18 improvements on the women’s side by ten women. The most improvements were by Erika Heesen who did a total of 6 best times in 4 events (improving twice in 50m breaststroke and 100m breaststroke if you include her 200m breaststroke splits!). The biggest improvement was by Chantel DeBoer who improved her 200m breaststroke by 9 seconds (4.5sec/100m) and didn’t hurt her shoulder this time! Others improving by at least 2.5sec/100m were: Erika Heesen (3.3sec/100m in 200m breaststroke); Karli McKinnon (3sec/100m in 100m butterfly), and Gillian Carr (2.5sec/100m in 200m freestyle).
On the men’s side, there were 5 improvements by four men. The most improvements were by Greg McKay who did 2 best times. He also had the biggest improvement, improving his 50m butterfly by 2sec/100m. Francis Pelland improved in 100m butterfly, Kyle McDermid in 50m breaststroke, and Ben Smalley in 50m butterfly.

Toughest Swimmers
Katie McClean and Hilary Wassenich each raced 3 events for a total of 800m. Amy Pouliot had 4 races and a total of 550m.
Nathan Churchill raced 4 events for a total of 900m. Paul Kravtsov raced 6 events (including a 400m breaststroke!) for a total of 850m. Ben Smalley had 3 races and swam 650m.

New Times in the Top 20
Katie McClean improved on her 9th place time in 200m butterfly and moved up to 15th in 400m IM. Karli McKinnon moved up to 14th in 100m butterfly.
Greg McKay moved up to a tie for 15th in 50m butterfly.

OUA Team:
Women (16): Gillian Carr (S5), Chantel DeBoer, Kelly Doyle, Erika Friesen, Rachael Gardner, Emma Gould, Erika Heesen, Heather Macdonald, Katie McClean, Karli McKinnon, Luz Osorio, Paola Osorio, Amy Pouliot, Kristin Smith, Valerie Torontow, Hilary Wassenich.
Men (10): Jay Blechta, Chris Bryson, Nathan Churchill, J-F Jacques, Paul Kravtsov, Greg McKay, Trevor McLoughlin, Francis Pelland, Majed Piedra Abu Sharar, Ben Smalley.

January 12-14th Senior Provincial Championships, U of T
Full Results

Trevor participated in this meet, swimming for NKB. He did a 31.7 50br on a relay, as well as a 1:10.80 100br for his top placing of 33rd (this is a very competitive meet!). Trevor also swam 50fs, 100fs and 100fl. His 50fs (25.53) and 100fl (1:03.00) were season bests.

January 7th, 2007 Dual vs Brock at Carleton
Full Results

Congratulations to Karli who was selected as female athlete of the week for winning all 3 of her individual events!

Women: Brock 137 vs 130 Carleton (very close!)
Men: Carleton 159 vs 26 Brock (don’t forget they only have 2 men!)
Combined: Carleton 289 vs 163 Brock

Event Winners:
Congrats to Heather and Greg who each won 4 events!
Heather (4): 50m, 100m, 200m breaststroke, and 200m IM
Karli (3): 50m, 100m, 200m freestyle
Paola (1): 50m butterfly
Val (1): 50m backstroke
Greg (4): 50m, 100m, 200m backstroke, and 400m freestyle
Francis (2): 100m, 200m butterfly
Jay (2): 50m, 100m freestyle
Trevor (2): 100m breaststroke, 200m IM
Chris (1): 50m butterfly
Majed (1): 200m freestyle
4x100m free relay: James, Chris, Majed, Ben
4x50m medley relay: Kyle, Francis, Trevor, Ben

Most Improved:
Erika H: She did 2 of the 3 best times done at this meet (100m and 200m breaststroke). The other best time was done by Kristin in 100m freestyle on the relay. Also of note is Kelly's 400m freestyle. This was the first time she's swum this event and she did a negative split!

Toughest Swimmers:
Katie raced 900m; Hilary and Majed raced 800m, followed closely by Ben and Greg with 750m.

December 30th, Ocean Mile, Fort Lauderdale
Full Results
College Junior Results
Congratulations to Greg for finishing second in the men's college junior division in his one mile "surf" -- it was wavy!

November 18-19th Eynon Division Championships, Guelph
Full Results
Campbell Division Results (for your information)

Executive Summary:

Carleton finishes 3rd overall (3rd for men, 4th for women). The top individual swimmers with two top 3 finishes were Heather Macdonald and Greg McKay. Heather Macdonald was chosen as female athlete of the week!   Other top 3 finishers were Francis Pelland, Jay Blechta, and Paul Kravtsov, along with the men’s 4x50m medley relay (Greg McKay, Paul Kravtsov, Trevor McLoughlin, Jay Blechta).  Also finishing in the top 8 in individual events were: Karli McKinnon, Val Torontow, Luz Osorio, Nicola Temmel, Paola Osorio; Trevor McLoughlin, James Bowden, Majed Piedra AbuSharar, and Chris Bryson.  The women’s 4x50m free relay (Heather Macdonald, Karli McKinnon, Luz Osorio, Val Torontow) set a Varsity record.  Kelly Doyle and Chantel DeBoer qualified for the OUA Championships, bringing the total number of women qualified to 13.  Most improved swimmers were Chris Bryson, Nicola Temmel and Rachael Gardner.  Toughest swimmers were Majed Piedra Abu Sharar, Chris Bryson, Ben Smalley, Hilary Wassenich, and Kristin Smith.  The large majority of the swimmers did best times, with everyone doing season best times.  Lots of new times were added to Carleton’s all-time Top 20 lists.  Congratulations, all!




Western 1970.5

Guelph 1770

Carleton 939.5

Queens 839.5

Trent 556

Brock 373.5



Guelph 1082

Western 913.5

Queens 403

Carleton 349

Brock 288.5

Trent 282



Western 1057

Guelph 688

Carleton 590.5

Queens 436.5

Trent 274

Brock 85


Top 3 Finishes:


Heather Macdonald: 50m breaststroke

Greg McKay: 200m freestyle

Francis Pelland: 400m Individual Medley

Men’s 4x50m medley relay (Greg McKay, Paul Kravtsov, Trevor McLoughlin, Jay Blechta)


Heather Macdonald: 100m breaststroke

Greg McKay: 200m backstroke

Jay Blechta: 100m freestyle

Paul Kravtsov: 50m breaststroke


Other Individual Finishes in the Top 8:

4th: Karli McKinnon 100m freestyle; Trevor McLoughlin 200m IM; Greg McKay 100m backstroke; Trevor McLoughlin 50m breaststroke; Greg McKay 400m freestyle; Jay Blechta 50m freestyle; Paul Kravtsov 100m breaststroke; Karli McKinnon 200m freestyle

5th: Heather Macdonald 200m breaststroke; Paul Kravtsov 200m breaststroke James Bowden 200m freestyle; Trevor McLoughlin 100m breaststroke

6th: Luz Osorio 200m butterfly; Val Torontow 50m butterfly; Majed Piedra AbuSharar 200m butterfly; Jay Blechta 50m backstroke; Karli McKinnon and Val Torontow 50m freestyle

7th: Paola Osorio 200m butterfly; Francis 200m IM; Chris Bryson 1500m freestyle; Nicola Temmel 50m backstroke

8th: Karli McKinnon 50m butterfly; Francis 200m breaststroke; Majed Piedra AbuSharar 200m freestyle; Majed Piedra AbuSharar 1500m freestyle; Paola Osorio 200m freestyle; Luz Osorio 100m butterfly


OUA Qualifiers:

Kelly Doyle (50m backstroke)

Chantel DeBoer (50m freestyle)


Most Improved Swimmers:

Improved in the Most Swims:

11: Chris Bryson

6: Rachael Gardner and Nicola Temmel

Biggest Improvement in One Event:

6 sec/100m: Ben Smalley (200m freestyle); Chris Bryson (200m butterfly)

4 sec/100m: Gillian Carr (200m backstroke); Kelly Doyle (100m freestyle); Karli McKinnon (50m butterfly); Alex Cambareri (100m butterfly)


Toughest Swimmers:

Majed Piedra AbuSharar (raced 2450m); Chris Bryson (2350m); Ben Smalley (2300m); Hilary Wassenich (1900m); Kristin Smith (1450m)


New Times on the All-Time Top 20 Lists:

1 (Varsity Record): 4x50m free relay: Heather Macdonald, Karli McKinnon, Luz Osorio, Val Torontow

2: Greg McKay 200m backstroke

3: Karli McKinnon 100m freestyle

4: Greg McKay 100m backstroke

5: Karli McKinnon 200m freestyle; Rachael Gardner 200m breaststroke

6: Nicola Temmel 50m backstroke; Nicola Temmel 200m backstroke; Greg McKay 50m backstroke

7: Val Torontow and Karli McKinnon 50m freestyle

8: Paul Kravtsov 50m breaststroke; Jay Blechta 50m butterfly

9: Jay Blechta 50m backstroke; Nicola Temmel 100m backstroke; Karli McKinnon 50m butterfly

12: Rachael Gardner 50m breaststroke

13: Rachael Gardner 100m breaststroke; Luz Osorio 50m butterfly relay split

14: Jay Blechta 50m freestyle; Paul Kravtsov 100m breaststroke

15: Katie McClean 50m butterfly relay split

16: Katie McClean 400m IM

17: Paul Kravtsov 200m breaststroke

18: Jay Blechta 100m freestyle

19: Hilary Wassenich 400m IM


Oct 27th-28th Weekend:
Women win 2 of 4 dual meets, and men win 1. Heather has 9 wins (of 16), and Greg has 6.

Congrats to the New OUA Qualifiers:
Erika F (50fs/100fs); Emma (50fs)
(and Chantel missed by just 0.08 in 50br)

Best Swimmers:
Women: Heather won 9 events (including both individual and relays; out of a possible 16 – 4 each day against 2 different teams); Runners Up: Luz won 8 events and Karli 7
Men: Greg won 6 events; Runners Up: Majed and Trevor each won 4 events

Most Improved Swimmers:
Women: Katie and Karli each improved in 6 of 8 swims, and both got their names on the top 20 for five of those times
Men: Chris improved in 7 of his 8 swims (and we didn’t have a time to compare to for his 8th!)

Toughest Swimmers:
Women: Hilary (3000m); Runners Up: Kristin and Katie (1450m)
Men: Chris (2950m); Runner Up: Ben (2850m)

New Times on the Top 20 List:
Karli: 9th 100bk, 10th 200bk, 14th 200IM, 16th 200fs, 18th 100fs
Katie: 9th 200fl, 15th 200bk, 16th 200IM, 18th 50bk, 100fl (relay split)
Rachael: 10th 200br, 17th 50br, 100br (relay split)
Nicola: 13th 200bk, 17th 100bk
Paul: 18th in 200br

Oct 27th Dual vs Queens and Waterloo at Queens:
Full Results

Queens 138 – 90 Carleton
Carleton 143 – 79 Waterloo
Carleton 120 – 108 Queens
Waterloo 153 – 80 Carleton

Best Swimmers:
Women: Katie (200fl) and Heather (50br, 200br) were the two Carleton overall event winners (against both Queens and Waterloo)
Men: Greg (800fs) was the only Carleton overall event winner

Most Improved Swimmers:
Women: Katie improved by 4sec/100m in 200IM and in all 4 of her events; Runner Up: Karli improved by 2.5sec/100m in 200fs and in 3 of her 4 events (the other we didn’t have a time for)
Men: Ben improved by 5sec/100m in 400fs and in 3 of his events (the 4th we didn’t have a time for), and Chris improved in all 4 of his events; Runner Up: Alex (50fl) 3sec/100m

Toughest Swimmers:
Women: Hilary (1500m); Runner Up: Kelly (1050m)
Men: Chris (1600m); Runners Up: Ben (1500m), Greg (1150m)

Oct 28th Dual vs Ottawa and Waterloo at Ottawa:
Full Results

Ottawa 78 – 44 Carleton
Carleton 78 – 43 Waterloo
Ottawa 96 – 26 Carleton
Waterloo 76 – 45 Carleton

Best Swimmers:
Women: Karli (50fs) and Luz (50fl) were the two Carleton overall event winners (against both Ottawa and Waterloo)
Men: Trevor (50br) was the only Carleton swimmer to win a race against the dominant Ottawa team

Most Improved Swimmers:
Women: Erika H (200fs) and Rachael (50fs) both improved by 2sec/100m; Karli improved in 3 out of 4 events
Men: Chris improved by 1.5sec/100m in his 400fs and in 3 out of his 4 events (we didn’t have a time yet for his 4th event)

Toughest Swimmers:
Women: Hilary (1500m); Runners Up: Kristin (950m), Katie (900m)
Men: Majed (1500m); Runners Up: Ben and Chris (1350m)

Oct 13th-15th Weekend Trip:
Men win 2 of 3 dual meets, and women win 1 (with a close loss to Trent). At the OUA Sprint Meet (7 teams attended), Ravens finish in the top 3 in three individual events and four relays. Paul Kravtsov is the top male swimmer with 4 individual and 2 relay wins over the weekend. Heather Macdonald is the top female swimmer with 3 individual wins.

Oct 13th Dual vs Guelph at Guelph:
Full Results

Women: Guelph 165 – 53 Carleton
Men: Guelph 121 – 80 Carleton

Event Winners:
- 50m breaststroke: Paul Kravtsov
- 4x100m medley relay: Steve Rubacha, Paul Kravtsov, Trevor McLoughlin, James Bowden

Oct 14th OUA Sprint Meet at Guelph:
Full Results

Top 3 Finishes:
- Men’s 50m backstroke: Greg McKay 1st
- Men’s 50m breaststroke: Paul Kravtsov 1st
- Women’s 50m breaststroke: Heather Macdonald 3rd
(Trevor McLoughlin tied for 4th in men’s 50m breaststroke)

- Men’s 4x100m medley relay 1st: Greg McKay, Paul Kravtsov, Trevor McLoughlin, Jay Blechta
- Women’s 4x50m medley relay 2nd: Karli McKinnon, Heather Macdonald, Val Torontow, Luz Osorio
- Men’s 4x50m medley relay 2nd: Greg McKay, Paul Kravtsov, Trevor McLoughlin, Jay Blechta
- Women’s 4x25m medley relay 3rd: Karli McKinnon, Heather Macdonald, Val Torontow, Luz Osorio

Oct 15th Dual vs Trent and York at York:
Carleton Results

Trent 164 – 148 Carleton
Carleton 220 – 42 York
Carleton 203 – 120 Trent
Carleton 218 – 114 York

Event Winners:
- 50m, 100m and 200m breaststroke: Heather Macdonald
- 50m and 200m breaststroke: Paul Kravtsov
- 100m and 200m backstroke: Karli McKinnon
- 100m breaststroke and 50m freestyle: Trevor McLoughlin
- 100m butterfly: Luz Osorio
- 200m IM: Francis Pelland
- 200m backstroke: Greg McKay
- 50m freestyle: Jay Blechta
- 400m freestyle: Majed Piedra Abu Sharar

OUA Qualifiers:
New Qualifiers:
Women: Luz Osorio, Nicola Temmel, Hilary Wassenich, Paola Osorio
Men: Greg McKay, Steve Rubacha, Nick Bake
Previouis Qualifiers (at Oct 1st Intra-Squad Meet):
Women: Heather Macdonald, Val Torontow, Karli McKinnon, Katie McClean, Rachael Gardner
Men: Trevor McLoughlin, Nathan Churchill, Jay Blechta, James Bowden, Alex Cambareri, Chris Bryson, Paul Kravtsov, Francis Pelland, Majed Piedra Abu Sharar, Ben Smalley
Total Qualifiers to Date: Women: 9; Men: 13

Top Swimmers:
Women: Heather Macdonald (4 wins); runner up: Karli McKinnon (2 wins)
Men: Paul Kravtsov (4 individual & 2 relay wins); runners up: Greg McKay (2 individual & 1 relay win) & Trevor McLoughlin (3 individual & 2 relay wins)

Most Improved:
Women: Gillian Carr (4.5 seconds in 50m butterfly); runners up: Chantel DeBoer (8 seconds in 200m breaststroke) & Erica Parker (2 seconds in 50m backstroke)
Men: James Bowden (3 seconds in 50m butterfly); runner up: Steve Rubacha (2.5 seconds in 50m freestyle)

Toughest Swimmers:
Women: Hilary (raced 2525m over the weekend); runner up: Karli McKinnon (2225m) Men: Majed (3275m); runner up: Chris (3225m)

New Times on the All-Time Top 20 List:
12th: Katie McClean 200m butterfly
12th: Karli McKinnon 200m backstroke
13th: Nicola Temmel 50m backstroke
13th: Karli McKinnon 100m backstroke
14th: Karli McKinnon 50m backstroke
14th: Karli McKinnon 800m freestyle
15th: Katie McClean 100m butterfly
16th: Katie McClean 200m backstroke
19th: Nicola Temmel 100m backstroke
9th: Paul Kravtsov 50m breaststroke
15th: Paul Kravtsov 100m breaststroke relay split
17th: Paul Kravtsov 50m butterfly
18th: Majed Piedra Abu Sharar 200m butterfly
20th: Steve Rubacha 50m backstroke

Oct 1st Intra-Squad:
Full Results

The Red Team finished just ahead of the Black team in both women (66-61) and men (61-57).

The Black team was led by Kristin and Trevor and consisted of:
Women: Erica P, Erika F, Erika H, Heather, Katie, Kelly, Kristin
Men: Alex, Francis, Majed, Steve, Trevor

The Red team was led by Emma and Jay and consisted of:
Women: Chantel, Emma, Gillian, Hilary, Karli, Rachael, Val
Men: Ben, Chris, James, Jay, Kyle, Nathan, Paul

Special thanks to Hilary and Steve who showed up and swam, despite feeling under the weather!

OUA Qualifiers:
Men (10): Alex, Ben, Chris, Francis, James, Jay, Majed, Nathan, Paul, Trevor
(Steve missed by 0.30 in 50m back)
Women (5): Heather, Karli, Katie, Rachael, Val
(Erika F missed by 0.38 in 50m free)

Swimmers of the Meet:
Women: Karli: qualified for OUAs in all 3 swims; she made Carleton’s all-time top 20 in 2 of her events (17th in 50m free; 20th in 100m fly) and was close in the 3rd (27th in 100m free)
Men: Paul: qualifed for OUAs in all 3 swims after just one week back in the water; he was close to Carleton’s all-time to 20 list in both 100m and 200m breast (26th in both)

Most Improved:
Women: Katie: best time in 200m fly
Men: Majed: best time in 200m free

Toughest Swimmers:
Women: Katie: raced 450m (Kelly was runner up with 350m)
Men: Francis and Majed: both raced 500m (Chris and Nathan were right behind them with 450m)

New Times on the All-Time Top 20 List:
Katie: 12th in 200m fly (2:40.56)
Karli: 17th in 50m free (29.77)
Rachael: equivalent to 19th in 50m breast (39.44 relay split)
Karli: 20th in 100m fly (1:15.16)

New Times Close to the Top 20 List:
Paul: 26th in 100m breast (1:14.91)
Paul: 26th in 200m breast (2:47.60)
Karli: 27th in 100m free (1:06.41)
Katie: equivalent to 27th in 50m fly (33.91 relay split)
Katie: 28th in 200m IM (2:51.25)
Kelly: 33rd in 200m back (3:00.90)
Steve: 33rd in 50m back (31.83)

2006-2007 Coaching Staff:
Lynn Marshall: Head Coach and Manager, e-mail:, phone: 613-730-4093
Tarek Raafat: Assistant Coach and Special Projects, e-mail:
Claudia Cronin-Schlote: Assistant Coach and ROCS Coach, e-mail (Biography to be added)
John Hawes: Assistant Coach and ROCS Coach, e-mail (Biography to be added)
Penny Werthner: Mental Training (Biography to be added)
Mark Blenkinsop: Strength Training, e-mail: (Biography to be added)

Time Standards:
Carleton OUA Standards 2006-2007 (added Apr 24th, 2006)
CIS Standards 2006-2007 (updated August 30th, 2006; relay qualification times added)
Carleton OUA Standards 2005-2006
CIS Standards 2005-2006
Carleton OUA Standards 2004-2005
CIS Standards 2004-2005

Links to Other Web Pages:
OUA Web Page (OUA schedule, rules, some meets results, etc.)
CIS Web Page (CIS schedule, last year's results, etc.)
Sporting Canada Web Page (times done by Canadian University swimmers this season)
Swim Natation Canada Web Page (SNC press releases, schedule, etc.)
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Ravens of Carleton Age Group Team (Affiliated with Carleton Varsity Team)
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Official Web Page Press Release Archive (Note that there are a few inaccuracies!)

Mental Training:
Here are Garry's Guidelines for mental preparation before a competition.

Varsity Swim Team Athletic Scholarships/Bursaries:
Here are the monetary awards available to Varsity swimmers:
  • Ravens Awards: Awarded annually in the Fall for sporting excellence the previous year. To be eligible athletes must be in second year or above and have swum in the previous academic year and earned at least a 7.0 (B-) GPA. Award winners are selected based on performance at the previous year's OUA and CIS Championships. Awards vary from $250 to $1500, and usually 2-3 swimmers of each gender receive awards. Selection for these awards is automatic (i.e. you do not need to apply).
  • Bookstore Awards: Awarded annually in the Fall for academic excellence by Varsity athletes. To be eligible athletes must be in second year or above and have swum in the previous academic year. Six $250 gift certificates for the Carleton University Book Store are given to the 3 females and 3 males with the highest GPAs of all Varsity athletes (from all sports). Selection for these awards is automatic (i.e. you do not need to apply).
  • Needs-Based Awards: Starting in Fall 2006, all Varsity athletes in second year or above with at least a 7.0 (B-) GPA and who are considered Ontario residents (i.e. Ontario is the last province you lived in for 12 consecutive months before starting University, same as for OSAP) will be eligible to apply for these new awards which are based on financial need. You need to apply to be eligible. I hope to include an application form in each veteran package. More details to come!
  • First Year Awards: Starting in Fall 2007, first year Varsity athletes will be entitled to receive awards similar to the Ravens Awards for upper year athletes. To be eligible athletes must have at least an 80% average in their last year of high school and be high performance athletes. The details and money amounts are not yet final, but times at or near the CIS standards will likely be required.
    Note that under OUA rules $3500 per student per year is the maximum total amount of Athletic scholarship money permitted. (Academic scholarships are not included in this total.)

    Other Scholarships/Bursaries/Jobs:
    Everyone is strongly encouraged to visit the Awards and Financial Aid office (202 Robertson Hall) or their web site. There are lots of awards and bursaries out there – ask them for help in choosing what to apply for. Their Work Study program is a great way to earn some extra money and applications are already being accepted. In addition, there are other jobs on campus, such as those at Athletics (life guards, control desk staff, etc.).

    Photo Credit: Michael Rajzman (Charlatan)

    Dubble Bubble joke provided by 05-06 Men's Captain, Brandon vanDyk
    Coach: "Everybody suit up!"
    Recruit: "I'm going to have to re-think this whole swim team idea."

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