1997-1998 Season:

Head Coach: Tarek Raafat
Assistant Coach: Garry Watanabe

1997-1998 Partial Roster

Nicole Bass
Kim Byers
Brooke Dawkins MVP
Louise Hayes 2 (Captain)
Jaro Johnston
Kim Lacasse
Keiko Lui
Wendy Million 1
Ashley Sveen

Rob Bedford
Owen Brethet
Danny Burns
Boon Sin V Chiew
Mike Donald (Captain)
Jeff Fleming
Blaze Gallina
Dylan Herbert
Geoff Hitchinson
Alex Holmes
Brandon Hollywood
Daren Kelland
Guy Lacroix
Kristian Lanczi
Ken McDonald MVP
Jeremy Nichol 1
Jason Salmon
Eric Torunski

Season Details:
The men's team went undefeated in the east and won the division. The division was won in a dual meet with Queens as they were also undefeated. It came down to a 4X100 Medley Relay for the win and the division. Guy LACROIX (backstroke), Mike DONALD (breaststroke) Kristian LANZCI, (butterfly) and Daren KELLAND (freestyle) took it home finishing first and Queens finished second giving the mens team the win and the division. The 4 of them were given the Powerbar athlete of the week honors for that race!

CIAU Qualifiers:
Ken McDonald
(CIAU Championships held in Sherbrooke, Quebec.)