2002-2003 Season:

Head Coach and Men's Head Coach: John Waring
Women's Head Coach and Assistant Coach: Lynn Marshall
Special Projects: Tarek Raafat

2002-2003 Roster

Krista Boegel 1
Jackie Brunetta 3 (until November)
Andrea Crossfield 1
Amanda Gray 1
Melissa Juergensen 1
Heather Keczan 1
Maegen Kulchar 1
Stephanie MacLeod 1
Wendy Million 4 Captain
Judy Overton 5 Assistant Captain
Samantha Roeland 1
Meredith Szewchuk 3
Karris Wiber 1

Jay Blechta 1
Mark Blenkinsop 1
Kevin Cheung 4
Brock Clayden 3 Captain
Brandon Crawford 1
Keegan Harris 2
Kostya Khomutov 1
Ben Lee 3
Will Litchfield 4
Trevor McLoughlin 1
Tanner Rasmussen 1
John Scroggie 1
Warren Taylor 2 Assistant Captain
Brandon vanDyk 1

Tarek's 2002-2003 Photos

Alumni Meet Photo from Tom Anzai

Nov 22nd Results (Carleton and Ottawa at Brock)

Divisionals Results:

OUA Summary:
Good job at the OUAs. Everyone did some season best times, and many did lifetime bests!

Congratulations to Maegen who has been selected as the female athlete of the week based on her 6th place in 800m freestyle, just 0.9 seconds shy of the CI cut (11th 400IM, 11th 400fs). Also in the top 8 were Krista (6th 100br, 7th 50br, 8th 200br), and Wendy (8th 50br, 11th 100br). Others placing in the top 16 in individual events were Keegan (9th 200br, 14th 50br, 15th 100br), Warren (14th 200bk, 16th 100bk), Brandon C (15th 100fs), Trevor (14th 100br) and Brock (16th 200fly).

And relays in the top 16:
8th: 4 x 200 free: Trevor, Keegan, Warren, Brandon C
10th: 4 x 100 free: Trevor, Keegan, Warren, Brandon C
13th: 4 x 200 free: Maegen, Krista, Judy, Wendy
13th: 4 x 100 free: Krista, Judy, Maegen, Wendy
14th: 4 x 200 free: Brock, Brandon V, Jay, Will
16th: 4 x 100 medley: Jay, Brock, Tanner, Brandon V

Best Swims:
Women: Maegen 800fs 6th overall 9:29.70
Men: Keegan 200br 1st consols (5th overall) 2:24.71

Most Improved:
Women: Steph 200IM 6.5sec/100m
Men: Brandon V 200fs 10.5sec/100m

Women: Maegen 2900m
Men: Brock and Brandon V 2800m

2003 OUA Results

CIS Qualifiers:
Krista Boegel (50br, 100br, 200br)
Maegen Kulchar (800fs)
Wendy Million (50br)
Judy Overton (relays only)
Keegan Harris (50br)
Brandon Crawford (50fs)
Highest finish at CIS Championships: 17th (0 points)
2003 CIS Results
2003 CIS Photo (Victoria)

MVP: Krista Boegel
Rookie of the Year: Maegen Kulchar
Most Improved: Judy Overton
Toughest: Steph MacLeod
MVP: Keegan Harris
Rookie of the Year: Brandon Crawford
Most Improved: Brandon vanDyk
Toughest: Brock Clayden

Ravens Awards:
Wendy Million
Will Litchfield
Kevin Cheung (Bookstore Award)

Charlatan Articles:
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