Brandon vanDyk (aka VD or G)'s Biography:

Year on Team: 4th

Previous Team: Swam as a youngin' for the Lindsay Lightningbolts and swam high school for 3 years (which isn't really swimming at all, it's just getting wet). [Ed's note: You're still a "youngin'" :-)]

Specialty: mid-distance free / IM

Best Events (SCM):
200IM: 2:14.17
200 free: 1:59.39
400IM: 4:48.42

Program: Commerce (4th year)

Swimming Accomplishments:
Placing 9th at OU's in the 200 IM, after being shut out of points the previous two years. Also scoring in the 200 fr and 400IM. A result of continuous improvement.

Non-Swimming Interests:
Swimming. It has pretty much taken over my life. Although in the summer I can be seen playing hack, frisbee, soccer, climbing, drinking and most of all spinning vinyl.

"True friends stab you in the front" - Oscar Wilde.