Heather Macdonald's Biography:

Year on Team: 3rd

Previous Team: Edson Orcas

Specialty: Breaststroke

Best Events (SCM):
50fs: 28.40
50br: 34.74
100br: 1:15.62
200br: 2:44.19
50fl: 30.92

Program: Aerospace Engineering (3rd year)

Swimming Accomplishments:
Winning senior provincials 100 br by going 1:15 three times in one day (my previous best time was 1:18). Finishing my old coach's nasty breaststroke sets was always amazing, he liked insane sets aka 20 x 100 breaststroke sprints!!!!! (and many more beauties).

Non-Swimming Interests:
Road trips, cartoons, and even country music. I also love the black squirrels out here. I've never seen them before but, man, am I ever impressed!!

"If you have a lane, you have a chance." Just for the record, I didn't steal it from Rick Say, I read it on the internet long before he said it on t.v.