John Mills' Biography:

Year on Team: 1st

Previous Team: Harlem Globetrotters (received curiously few playing minutes) [Ed. Note: Also NKB and GO, I believe!]

Specialty: Events with only one turn in them (Sprint Backstroke, Butterfly and Freestyle)

Best Events (SCM):
50 back: 26.23 (Varsity Record)
50 fly: 25.63 (Varsity Record)
50 free: 23.58 (ties Varsity Record)
100 back: 58.21 (Varsity Record)
100 free: 52.04
50 breast: 36.34 [Ed. Note: not quite a Varsity Record :-) !]
Member of Varsity Record holding relay teams: 4x50FR, 4x50MR, 4x100MR

Program: Law (1st year)

Swimming Accomplishments:
All of my swimming accomplishments are from so long ago that they hadn't invented writing yet, therefore no record of them exists. [Ed. Note: This must mean that water wasn't invented yet when the coaching staff were in their prime, and thus we had no swimming accomplishments whatsoever?!]

Non-Swimming Interests:
I am a die-hard Lakers fan (Magic is still the best along with Kareem!), there has never been a video game that I cannot beat, I try to read as much as I can outside of school (fiction and political science), and as a rebuttal to Tanner: everybody knows the king of nerds is Professor Frink (The Simpsons) but you're number one in my book buddy!

"The Raptors SUCK!" take that BOB!