First a request, if you took photos during the meet, (and don't mind sharing) I'd appreciate a copy of them.  my own camera memory stick decided to get corrupted, and therefor I only have a few photos from the trip (I know my entire visual documentary has been ruined by the cursed hands of the same mischievious gremlins that so lovingly decided to spice up our trip BY BLOWING UP THE FRIKKIN RADIOTORS ON TWO OF OUR BUSSES!  Not that I'm bitter...)

Anyways, I salvaged as many as I could.  I'll be writing a strongly worded letter to sony that will either change their entire manufacturing process for their alzheimer enhanced "memory sticks" or will get me killed by the Korean mafia.  I hear they're pretty scary, but I'm sure campus security could take them.  Kickboxing mafia men vs Drunken Monkey style boxing.  Anyways, its late, im rambling so I'll just post the pictures.  If this kills your email account, sorry, but get gmail or some respectable email system.

our first bus.  Note the build up of rust.  Keegan can probably tell you what type stone the cavemen who built the bloody thing carved the engine out of.

Ubelivable.  Who would have thought that such a thing could happen twice.  Our Ass Captain inspects the damage.

Proving that he's not all good looks, BVD decides to taste the anti-freeze.  Please do not try this yourselves.  Only Team captains and assitant capatains should be considered expendable. According to a reputable source (google+im feeling lucky) antifreeze poisoning causes "In the first few hours after ingestion the person may be depressed and staggering and may have seizures, or become wild and delusional."  It is this authors opinion that this is not the first time BVD has experienced the "Little green Fairy".

These two intrepid souls decided to prove that BVD was not the only wild one.  Yes that is your coach Lynn.  Setting a good example as always, posing by a highway in front of a sign with dubious claims in the middle of a rural town.  Expect this picture to be an internet fad in about a week.

If anyone would like higher quality versions of these photos for photoshopping purposes just send me a quick email, and do the same if you have some pictures you would like to give me from the trip.

Cheers everyone and goodnight.