Tanner Rasmussen's Biography:

Year on Team: 4th

Previous Team: Lorne Park Spartans

Specialty: Butterfly and Freestyle

Best Events (SCM):
50 fly: 28.36 (28.1 on a relay)
100 fly: 1:02.09
200 fly: 2:25.27
50 free: 26.11 (25.3 on a relay)

Program: English (4th year)

Swimming Accomplishments:
Five time MVP for the Spartans. Twelve regional medals and 3 provincial medals for high school swimming (ROPSAA and OFSAA).

Non-Swimming Interests:
The glorious sports of hockey and baseball as well as comic books which I have over 1500 of. (That's right! King me Mills. I am the master nerd.) I am also a hardcore Boston Bruins fan and although they had ONE rough game I am confident that Joe Thornton could beat the Sens by himself.

How many emo fans does it take to screw in a lightbulb? None they'd rather cry in the dark.