Trevor McLoughlin's Biography:

Year on Team: 5th

Previous Team: Nepean Kanata Barracudas (still train with them during the summer)

Specialty: Sprint Butterflier

Program: International History (4th year)

Swimming Accomplishments:
Receiving the dubious honours of "Most Improved Swimmer" a record five times from NKB. Trevor also once made it to finals in Junior Nationals, as in, the real top eight finals. He is also probably the first second-year student to ever be made a captain, which hopefully had nothing to do with desperation.

Non-Swimming Interests:
Visual art, writing, and other such incredibly non-athletic past-times. That long walks along the sandy shores of any number of bodies of water is enjoyed by Trevor, well, goes without saying.

"Sweet Jesus!" (Or some variant, usually in reference to brain-numbing hijinks of team-mates.)